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Finding myself with a sudden spark of inspiration due in no small part to recent conversations, that is to say debates, between friends both in and out of the workplace, I’ve made myself a new resolution this year. From now until such a time as I run through the “main cast” as it were, I shall review the villains of the Disney Animated films starting with the Wicked Queen of Snow White. These reviews, much like my previous film reviews, will focus on three specific aspects of the villain: their motivation, their success, and, if plausible, their henchmen. I may add a fourth aspect should the need strike me but otherwise I will strictly stick to these particular three.

That being said, I should forewarn you readers that the villains will be those of the animated feature films so characters like Pete or Queen Narissa, won’t be touched upon until later on. Lastly, I will only be focusing on what the films themselves show, not anything from an expansions to the story be they books, television episodes, or Broadway productions though I may make a mention or two of them.

That being said, let’s get a good look at the Wicked Queen shall we?