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Otherwise Known As: Satan (by Walt Disney)
Premiered in: Fantasia (1940)
Sequence Title: A Night on Bald Mountain

I doubt that there’s anyone who is even a moderate fan of Disney who has never seen or heard of Chernabog the Devil of Bald Mountain. To date, there has never been a villain as perfectly crafted as the dreaded Devil of Bald Mountain for the simple fact that, contrary to most other Disney Villains, Chernabog does not strive for any particular goal. He does evil because he is Evil. A primordial god, a physical manifestation, a literal personification, whatever you wish to label it, it does not change the fact that Chernabog is the Greatest Disney Villain ever created, worse even than the Wicked Queen or the Coachman of Pleasure Island.

In fact, why I don’t I take a slightly different take this review by showcasing some of my writing? Ladies and gentleman, here’s a small series of excerpts from my fanfiction From Across the Throne of Heroes, specifically the chapter entitled as “The Inspirer”.

The twelfth hour had rung. That would be the end of it. That should be the end of it.

But it wasn’t.

The clock tower rung once more… For the thirteenth hour of the night…

And upon the mountainous peak, He stirred.

It started slowly, a subtle shifting from mundane obsidian to flesh far darker in hue. The towering spear that was the mountain’s peak unfolded into the wide wings as that which could be described as a devil arose from his slumber once more.

But that is not who this was.

A demon, a devil, a monster…

They are all things… Representations of man’s imagination and fears and sins…

He was no such mere thing.

He… is Chernabog.

And He is Evil.

The Devil of the Bald Mountain stretched his hand forth and his shadow followed his command. Wicked claws reached through the city and all those who had ever committed that which is “evil” shivered down to their bones but it was not they whom the Evil That Is Chernabog sought.

His darkness fell upon the dead, buried and quite forgotten by the living in this blackest of nights. His darkness spoke to them, his shadow lied to them, and his evils delighted them. For in his blackness there was that which the souls of the dead had forgotten in there slumber.

Evil but because it was Evil… it was LIFE for though a part of the whole that is Life, Evil is one of the greatest of them.

And the dead began to rise from their graves. Skeletal and fleshless wraiths, they rose like a ghastly tide into Chernabog’s waiting clutches. He took them all, great large handfuls of them, and gathered them unto himself.

And the Evil That Is Chernabog grew.

His hand outstretched once more and they came to him next. The demons and the monsters and the devils, all that were representations of Evil answered to He Who Is EVIL. They came to him like lost children returning home to a welcoming embrace. They chattered and roared and fought and killed and danced with each other. Blood and flesh sprayed as fangs bit whilst claws sliced and the dead monstrosities of man’s wicked imagination arose once more alive and ready to resume the Devil’s Dance.

The Devil of the Bald Mountain looked down upon the Holy Grail, a chalice of finest gold and most precious of gems, and saw within something that brought that which should not be. For there, within the heart of the Grail was that which proclaimed itself as All the World’s Evils.

And it made The Evil That Is Chernabog laugh.

That which had once been an Avenger and had in the loss of his brutal defeat become that which he imagined himself to be, was indeed evil. A great degree of evil the likes of which no man could gaze upon and not feel their very soul suffer for it but that’s all that it was to the Devil of the Bald Mountain.

It is All of the World’s Evil as conceived by man.

Chernabog… is not so limited. He is not so restrained by the boundaries of mankind’s limits for even in the most black-hearted of villains there is only so much that such wickedness can conceive, can comprehend, can enact.

That which is called Angra Mainyu, that which is All the World’s Evil… is nothing to the likes of that which is Evil. Not the world’s, not the universe, nor even the entirety of the multiverse.

Chernabog is Evil.

And Evil is Chernabog.