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Si & Am

Premiered in: Lady & the Tramp (1955)
Voiced By: Peggy Lee

Let me say outright, I love cats more than I do dogs. Not all dogs mind you, some are just too awesome or cute for words, but generally if I had to pick an animal to keep company with, it’d generally be a cat first and a dog second. In the case of these two felines however, I think I’d sooner pick the climatic rat than spend a minute with either cat, let alone the pair of them together.

Si and Am are unique amongst Disney Villains in that they are, at most, an incredible nuisance to the titular character Lady don’t receive any kind of redemption throughout the story. Heck, as far as Disney Villains go, Si & Am are incredibly tame. Yes, I know, “cats” and “tamed” should not be in the same sentence unless separated by “cannot be” but my point still stands. Si & Am are selfish, first and foremost and seek nothing but their own gratification even at—nay especially at the expense of others.

Truth be told, of the Golden Age Disney Villains, I find Si & Am to be the creepiest of the bunch…Oh sure, Chernabog is literally Evil given form, those pink elephants are a trip down mind screwing lane, and the Queen’s transformation into a witch is the stuff of nightmares but… there’s just something about a pair of twins singing/speaking in unison that just gives one the willies! That and they get away without anyone being the wiser! Sure, the same can be said of the Coachman but at least he’ll likely croak of old age before anymore harm can be done via his cursed island!

Contrary to most Disney Villains, Si & Am have no minions to call their own and often fit that role themselves whenever a huge collaboration of Disney Villains is undertaken. Arguably, one could say that Aunt Sarah is their minion insomuch that the woman just cannot seem to realize that her cats are a pair of terrors the likes of which would get the both of them, and the meddling woman, kicked out of the home faster than one can blink.

While the two have no motivation other than to receive the lap of luxury, they do succeed in their endeavor of getting Lady muzzled and, later on, locked out of the house and in the yard whilst the film’s truly villainous characters makes way to the baby. That’s something I never quite got really. How is it that Si & Am are considered the villains of Lady and the Tramp when compared to the likes of the rat? Look at this screencap below! That image is terrifying!