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Madam Mim

Otherwise Known As: Magnificent Marvelous Mad Madam Mim (Self-Entitled)
Premiered in: The Sword in the Stone (1963)
Voiced By: Martha Wentworth

Contrary to most Disney films, The Sword in the Stone is distinct insomuch that though it certainly had its fair share of bad guys, from an ill-lucked wolf to a dreadfully overweight and overbearing foster father, there really wasn’t any one villain that was strictly villainous throughout the entirety of the movie. That is to say that they each had, at best, a bit role in the overall story but none more magnificently than Madam Mim.

Madam Mim is mad. Possibly even more so than any denizen of Wonderland as she delightfully reminds all who listen that she is the Magnificent Marvelous Mad Madam Mim even in song. There is no doubt that she is powerful, nearly equal to Merlin himself, but whereas the old wizard uses his magic for good and with equally good intentions, Madam Mim choses to make havoc at every opportunity. Unfortunately, despite her own bravado, Madam Mim is actually something of an envious sore loser, going so far as to challenge Merlin to a Wizard’s Duel in which she both creates and breaks the rules just so that she can best him.

Madam Mim has no minions to call her own, and I sincerely doubt she’d have any for longer than a day given her general behavior. Not that she really needs them as she demonstrates, with frightening ease, that she can alter her size, kill flowers with a touch, and change her appearance from being uglier than a hog to giving Jessica Rabbit a run for her money. Something that leaves more than a few jaws dropping though not all for the same reason…

Despite breaking her own rules several times over, Madam Mim loses the duel with Merlin when he transforms himself into a germ, more specifically malignalitaloptereosis, a fictional disease in which the victim first turns deathly pale before breaking out into horrendously pink polka dots followed by a series of hot and cold flashes before ultimately succumbing to violent sneezing. An agonizing but otherwise non-fatal disease that curses up in a few week’s time, sooner with good rest and, as Merlin put it, lots and lots of sunshine. For a witch like Madam Mim, that’s more tortuous than the disease itself I wager.

Ironically enough, Madam Mim is one of the few film characters to have a greater popularity outside of America, going so far as to appear in comic book form as a sometimes ally to villains from the “Disney Tooniverse” (any and all worlds that feature Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck as primary residents), more specifically villains like the Beagle Boys or Magica De Spell. Even funnier, and more predominately in Europe, Madam Mim has become “reformed” in that while she’s still morbid enough to fit into the Addams Family, she has resigned herself of any evil or wrongdoing.

Methinks malignalitaloptereosis has an hereto unknown side-effect that Merlin perhaps “forgot” to mention to the Magnificent Marvelous Mad Madam Mim…