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Premiered in: Dinosaur (2000)
Voiced By: Samuel E. Wright

Kron is another of the many, not-quite-a-villain-so-much-as-a-jerk type of Disney Villain to the ultimate degree. He is firmly set on the ironically Darwinist view that the only the strong shall survive and leads the dinosaur herds to the nesting grounds with the belief that those who lag behind will at least slow down at predators that may follow in their wake. While a very grim if not outright disgusting view on life, I can’t really find fault in Kron’s logic but, at the same time, I myself could never follow him. While it makes sense to look after those who are capable of making the journey, there being so many in the herd that it would be wrong to consider the needs of the few versus the many, it is wretchedly obvious that Kron’s view is firmly set as him being the leader of the herd and not so much the herd itself. When Aladar manages to uncover water from the dried up lake, Kron all but trampled anyone that stood in his way to get more than his fair share of the water before anyone else, even his own sister.

He even shows little compassion towards his lieutenant Bruton, a fellow Iguanodon who is a truer Darwinist than Kron but whom later changes his viewpoint upon the realization that Kron cares only for his status as leader of the herd. Having been injured by a pair of hunting Carnotaurs, Bruton alerts Kron to their presence and is immediately rebuked for having led them straight to the herd and abandoned by his leader to die by the jaws of the hungry carnivores.

In the end, Kron’s own pride is his undoing as he leads the herd to a monstrous landslide that had blocked their usual route to the nesting grounds. Determined to reach the other side, he orders the herd to climb until Aladar’s arrival. When Aladar reveals that there is nothing but a sheer drop on the other side and that he knows a safer path, Kron refuses to listen and outright attacks Aladar when the younger Iguanodon tries to lead the herd. Thankfully, the fight is interrupted by Kron’s sister who not only takes Aladar’s side, but joins him in leading the herd to the nesting grounds and uniting them against the lone Carnotaurus. The very Carnotaurus who takes notice of the lone Kron and… Well, nature is as nature does.

Overall, Kron is a bad person but not strictly an evil one. Honestly, if he lost his bullheadedness and was more open to actually listening to another’s thoughts or opinions, Kron would have made a good leader but as it stands he, like a good number of villains in the Post-Renaissance Era, would remain set in their ways and never truly venture outside the realm of their respected film.

On a completely unrelated note, Kron’s voice actor is the same voice actor for Sebastian from The Little Mermaid. Good luck trying to get the image of a Jamaican accented Iguanodon singing “Under the Sea” out of your heads because honestly, I’m still working at it.