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Job Title: Commander of the Galactic Federation
Premiered in: Lilo & Stitch (2002)
Voiced By: Kevin Michael Richardson

Gantu is many things throughout the film and the television series, both the American cartoon and the anime continuation, but he is not wholly a villain as far as being evil is concerned. In both cases, be it as the Captain of the Galactic Federation or as the minion of Hamsterviel, Gantu did what he did for the sake of his job and nothing more. However, that does not excuse the fact that he has a mild superiority complex insomuch that he constantly calls Stitch an abomination and had been perfectly willing to kidnap an innocent bystander for the sake of giving Stitch a “snack” regardless if the bystander was sentient never mind a child.

In point of fact, his sense of pride is his greatest vice as it is for most other villains yet never to the extremes as was seen time and time again in Gantu. He severely underestimates Stitch both prior to and following his escape despite having been told of Stitch’s capabilities. In fact, his arrogance is almost to the level of Captain Hook in the cartoon and anime series as children are continually outwitting him time and time again. In the film especially, it’s rather evident that Gantu likes to shoot first, shoot some more, and when everything’s either dead or unconscious, try and resolve things peacefully.

Excusing Experiment 625, or Reuben as his is named by Lilo, Gantu didn’t really have anything that could be labeled as minion. He did have an army of soldiers under his beck and call on his flagship but on the personal hunt for Stitch, he was entirely on his own. Not that those dinosaurian troopers did much good when Stitch wasn’t distracted though I give them kudos for looking more awesome than the average Star Wars Stormtrooper.

Gantu’s fate, if it can even be called that much, was his being fired by the Grand Councilor of the Galactic Alliance for his inability to capture Stitch, something that I honestly feel was far too harsh for her to do. In point of fact, if you all could pardon my soapboxing moment here, what were she and the Galactic Alliance thinking when they sentenced Stitch? By their own admittance, and that of his creator, Stitch was all of a few hours old and yet they were willing to sentence him to be exiled to an asteroid and all because he said something obscene? She even fired Gantu for doing in a few hours what Stitch’s own creator, and a so-called Earth expert, could do in the span of a few days. Talk about harsh.