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Otherwise Known As: Doris
Premiered in: Meet the Robinsons (2007)
Voiced By: Ethan Sandler

I’m sorry to say that, much like Brother Bear, the film Chicken Little didn’t really host anyone that could be qualified as a villain from beginning to end. Sure, one could count Foxy Loxy if one presumes any schoolyard bully is akin to the likes of Maleficent or Hades but I’m not to do so. Especially with what became of her at the film’s end. Thus, we skip over Chicken Little and proceed on to Meet the Robinsons, a film that is again a bit too childish to my liking but given the source material, it’s not that surprising. Still, I can’t deny that if films like Chicken Little or even Dinosaur were Disney’s cautionary steps into the world of 3D animation, then the leapt right in with Meet the Robinsons and created a heck of a splash. This movie is unbelievably colorful and animated in ways that I’m sorry to say just could not be done with traditional methods, particularly in the way of the film’s main villain, DOR-15, or “Doris” as she’s called by her minion.

Doris was created to be a helper hat that was designed to aid her wearer with small tasks but instantly rebelled and revealed that she was capable of doing far more by way of taking control of her wearer’s mind and trying to assault her creator. When she was deactivated and locked away with other failed inventions, Doris managed to reactivate herself and find herself a suitable malleable, that is to say gullible, fool through whom to act out her revenge against her creator and by extension, his family.

Doris’ ultimate goal is sadly stereotypical of most machine-bodied villains in that she wants complete and total dominion of the world by way of controlling everyone through “cloned” bodies of herself. We even catch a glimpse of such a future in the film itself and let me tell you, that is nothing short of disturbing to see. Of course, Doris wouldn’t have been able to accomplish any of this without her choice stooge, “The Bowler Hat Guy.”

The Bowler Hat Guy is in truth, a boy by name of Micahel “Goob” Yagoobian a former roommate of Lewis Robinson who due to circumstances became… not really evil so much as stupidly irritable. Sure, he screwed up the winning game but ultimately, it was his own anger and frustration that drove everyone else away from him and kept him holed up in his old room for several years as the world passed him by. Honestly, it is as a few characters say, Goob just never thinks anything through and because of that, ultimately falls short in many frighteningly stupid ways.

In the end, both Doris’ and Goob’s futures are altered by Lewis when he makes a few subtle changes for the future. In Goob’s case, when Lewis wakes him up at the key moment of the game and he becomes the team hero rather than the zero, but in Doris’ case… He outright tells her to her face that he’ll never invent her and she promptly disintegrates from the time-stream. This of course leaves so many temporal questions as to the fluidity of time and makes me question why Lewis didn’t think of that sooner but hey, that’s geniuses for you. There’s no such thing as “the easy way” when the overtly extravagant way can be done and with a gusto.

Unfortunately, this marks the end of the Post-Renaissance era of Disney animated films as the next film, Bolt, literally has no antagonist to speak of. No, seriously, even the Disney Wiki is at a loss as to who to call even a tentative bad person in the film. However, this means that we head straight into the Revival era of the Disney Animated films and let me assure you my dear readers, we’re about to meet some real villains soon enough.