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King Candy

Real Name: Turbo
Premiered in: Wreck-It Ralph (2012)
Voiced By: Alan Tudyk

King Candy is arguably the most successful of Disney Villains to date in terms of how long he was actually able to achieve his overall goal of being the top racer in the arcade. Originally from the game TurboTime in which he was the starring hero, Turbo, as he was originally named, grew jealous of another, newer racing game usurping his owns popularity and sought to take it over by violently inserting himself into it. The result ended up with both that game and his being unplugged and his name forever synonymous with game-jumping and game-takeover attempts. His name and his actions become something rather like Voldemort’s of Harry Potter fame in that the mere mention of it sends most into fits. In fact, it isn’t until well over halfway through the movie that we even get an idea as to what the phrase “going Turbo” means.

With the installation of the game Sugar Rush Speedway, Turbo took an even more daring chance to install himself as a top racer in the arcade by not only breaking into the game but into its very code. It was here, inside the code of the game itself that he, essentially, recreated himself as King Candy and tried to permanently delete the game’s true ruler Vanellope von Schweetz.

This thankfully failed so King Candy went one step further and locked up everyone’s memories, which explains the lack of the characters ever interacting outside the game as they likely “forget” that they have the capability of doing so, thus making certain that King Candy’s true identity is never discovered despite the minor hints littering throughout the game and even the arcade itself. Thus, for fifteen years, King Candy was assured of his place as king racer until Ralph unwittingly followed in Turbo’s footsteps to prove himself capable of being a hero and earning a place in the apartment complex that usurped his original home in his own game.

King Candy’s “minion” is Sour Bill, a literal sour jawbreaker who serves as King Candy’s majordomo throughout the film. He is rarely seen far from King Candy’s side and was even privy to his game hacking abilities but didn’t suspect anything off about him being able to do that, as the man was, falsely, his king. As far as most minions go, Sour Bill is easily the most unenthusiastic and one whom did little to aid King Candy in any way. In point of fact, he had more success aiding Ralph than he did the so-called king of Sugar Rush.

The truth of King Candy’s identity is revealed, ironically, by Vanellope herself during the race in which the man tried to brutally beat her out of the race and in a tug-of-war with the implement of said beating, Vanellope’s glitching revealed King Candy as Turbo. Following a monologue that would do most villains proud, Vanellope managed to get ahead of the false king who was then promptly swallowed by one of the invading cy-bugs of Hero’s Duty.

This, unfortunately, was not the end of Turbo. Thanks perhaps to the “outerwear” which was the King Candy, Turbo not only survived the devouring, he assimilated with the cy-bug’s body, and the result was a disturbingly nightmarish fusion of his King Candy persona with that of the viral-like cy-bug. Becoming the figurative “boss” character, the changed King Candy proceeded to attack Ralph with vicious delight that thanks to the villain’s actions, King Candy now possessed the power to take over the entire arcade with a literal army of assimilating, quasi-sentient viruses. Not that it would have worked as I’m sure the arcade’s owner would have simply unplugged and then plugged the games back in but that’s neither here nor there.

King Candy’s true demise comes from Ralph’s heroic success at ridding Sugar Rush of the invading cy-bugs by mimicking their native game’s protocol in deleting any “extra” bugs remaining after gameplay. The volcanic eruption of diet cola was vibrant enough that it even overwrote the King Candy persona that Turbo had created and Turbo himself was stuck screaming as his body involuntarily flew to its own destruction by molten hot soda drink.

… Death by soda… Well, it had to happen to someone eventually…