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Prince Hans


Title: 13th Prince of the Southern Isles
Premiered in: Frozen (2013)
Voiced By: Santino Fontana

I do not claim myself an expert in all things story related but Frozen was one of the few films where everything that I could not accurately predict what was going to happen and was one of the few films in recent years that caught me completely off guard by the reveal of the true villain of the film. Easily the most devious of the Disney Villains to date, Prince Hans of the Southern Isles accomplished something that no previous villain had ever done in my eyes. He fooled me. From the first moment I had seen him, I knew that he and Anna would have a romance but I had presumed by the trailers that Hans’ affections would eventually turn to Elsa.

Imagine my surprise when I found that he was not only a heartless cad of a prince, but one whom was entirely based on the original story’s “wicked mirror”. That is to say, Prince Hans is… not quite a chameleon per say but he does change his colors when the need suits him and he reflects the proper persona of whomever he’s speaking to, to get the best results. With Anna, he was kind and even playful but with the Duke of Weselton, he was demanding and actually kind of harsh. I wish he was a bit more to that weasel of a duke but that’s neither here nor there.

Prince Hans’ ultimate goal was to become king and though he had plans to wed Elsa, he figured that even his charms would fail in wooing the queen who, apparently, did not favor any kind of contact with anyone. Thus, he turned his serpentine gaze to Anna with the intention of murdering her elder sister and ruling as king with Anna by his side. The unfortunate accident that had Anna slowly freezing to death from the inside out was merely the icing on the cake for the prince as he would then be able to rule Arendelle as his truth self and not as whatever image he was trying to reflect to his bride.

Though it pains me to admit this… I almost, almost, sympathize with Hans. Not in the same way as I do for Maleficent, Hades, or Queen Grimhilde but the thought does enter my head whenever I try to make sense of his motivations. He is, after all, the thirteenth son of his family, which makes me wonder just how old his brothers are and how many of them are twins, triplets, or even octuplets. Either way, there was little to no chance of Hans becoming king but that still begs the question as to why he would even want to be one in the first place. Again, it ties back to his brothers and a particular comment he made wherein he stated that three of them ignored that he even existed for a few years. That kind of treatment, along with several more neglectful situations, was what made Hans the man that he had become I’m sure.

As he had no minions to do his bidding for him, as it would be doubtful for Hans to maintain any of his facades with one, he was summarily dealt with quite easily by Anna not once but on two separate occasions. The first time, when she sacrificed her last moments of life to put herself between Hans and her sister, stopping him from delivering the killing blow as the backlash of her turning fully into ice shattered his sword and rendered him unconscious. Following Elsa’s discovering of control over her powers, Hans was further rebuked by Anna with a firm statement that he was the only one in possession of a frozen heart.

Followed shortly by a swift punch to the face.

I believe the appropriate phrase goes, “Like a boss.”

Overall… Hans made for a great villain in his film but I can’t see him working with the likes of the other Disney Villains. Hans’ method of villainy was his mirroring the correct persona and adapting to whatever situation he found himself in but a major factor in this was the element of surprise. Frankly speaking, now that we know Hans’ true colors, he is easily the prime suspect of whatever acts of villainy he might have a hand in.

As of this post, we’ve reached the end of the Disney Villains of the main line of animated films but that this is not the end of my character reviews my dear readers. I still have the villains of Pixar to cover first before I move on to the next segment after all…