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Sid Phillips

Premiered in: Toy Story (1995)
Voiced By: Erik von Detten

Admittedly, I was going to skip talking about Sid simply for the same reason that I had done for Foxy Loxy in Chicken Little. That opinion swiftly changed when I was reminded how utterly depraved the boy is and an interesting cameo he had. While not strictly a villain in the sense of having an end-goal of any sort, it cannot be denied that Sid was a sick little boy in more ways than one. Never mind the sadistic glee he took in outright destroying toys, something that can be attributed to murder given that toys are in fact alive and can feel pain just as we humans can, but there was also that which made Sid something of a sociopath.

Either with his own toys or by stealing his ironically rather sweet little sister’s, Sid would act out such wanton experimentation to make the likes of Doctor Frankenstein or Moreau proud. While it cannot be argued that his murdering of the toys was a crime most foul, the same cannot be described of his literally ripping toys apart and then stitching them together again into chimeric monstrosities the likes of which make me seriously question how he is being raised whence compared to the likes of his sister.

But seriously folks, just take a moment and seriously think about even one of the mutant toys that Sid created. We are made abundantly aware that toys are not only alive and can feel pain. The kind of agonies that even one of those poor toys had to endure and likely still did post “recreation”… Say what you will of most Disney Villains but no one of them can be named as make a sadistic torturer as the likes of Sid Phillips.

That being said, Sid gets his proper comeuppance in the form of a nightmarish mind-screw the likes of which traumatizes him to such a degree that he literally runs from his baby sister when he catches sight of her doll. The scene in question of course, while utterly satisfying to watch the first time, makes one seriously question the ramifications of seeing it for one’s self in real life…

That being said, the event was so traumatizing to Sid that, for a time, he set himself out on a type of crusade to steal the toys of other kids to spare them from the horrors that he had endured. How did he try and accomplish this you ask? Why, by way of the closet door technologies of Monsters Inc. of course! No, seriously, I’m not making this up Sid had a cameo antagonistic role in the comic book continuation of Monsters Inc. known simply as Laugh Factory. Shines a whole new light on that Pixar Theory doesn’t it? I shan’t get too into it but I will say that this was not the end for Sid in the long run, oh no.

For you see dear readers, Sid did have one more role to play albeit as a cameo bit in Toy Story 3. Recall the scene of the scatting garbage man? Take a moment and glance at the man’s shirt… Yep. That’s Sid, dear readers and contrary to what many had assumed, he did not end up thrown in a mental institution or in a maximum-security prison cell. He became a garbage man. Not what I was expecting but hey, it could have been worse.

He could have become a toy maker.