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Full Name:
Alice Pleasance Liddell
Domain: Wonderland
Premiered in: Alice in Wonderland (1951)
Voiced By: Kathryn Beaumont

Ironic though it may seem, Alice was actually the top candidate amongst the many unofficial princess back before the franchise had truly begun. This is evident primarily in the video game series Kingdom Hearts in which Alice is declared to be one of the Seven Princesses of Heart whose hearts are so pure and filled with the Light that, together, they can open the doorway to where all hearts are born; Kingdom Hearts. While it’s not yet ever specified if the Seven Princesses represent a certain aspect of the heart, I would not be at all surprised if Alice represented curiosity. It was what led her to her Wonderland after all.

Wonderland, as its name implies, is a land filled with wonder and can only be reached by one of two ways. The first, and easily the most difficult, is to find the proper rabbit hole that leads down towards its entrance, a hallway of doors of which only one leads to Wonderland proper and only with the proper size and key. The second is through a looking glass, or mirror as they are called nowadays, but the mirror method seems only to apply to those whom have been to Wonderland. While I do not doubt that Wonderland would make for a marvelous place to visit, I would never harbor the idea of living there simply for how outrageous it can become even to the oddest of individuals.

Though she has her pet cat Dinah, Alice is oftentimes seen alongside the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter & March Hare, and the Cheshire Cat in that particular order. In the case of the White Rabbit, he is after all, the reason Alice was even able to get to Wonderland in the first place and is, however unwittingly, her guide through it. It should also be noted that he does have experience being an adviser to the Queen of Hearts, something that should earn him an immediate pay raise if he were to join Alice’s court.

As to the duo of the Mad Hatter and March Hare, there is no other scene more recognized than that of the Mad Tea Party. Yet in the case of the Cheshire Cat… it should be noted that he is perhaps the most neutral of characters in Wonderland and, to quote the Burton film, he “doesn’t get involved in politics.” The Disney Villains have approached him before to try and recruit him into their ranks and while he may at times seem to be one, the Cheshire Cat does as he wants when he wants to, particularly if it allows him a chance to smile. He certainly leads Alice astray at times but he also makes sure she gets to where she’s going as well.

Aside from her status as a Princess of Heart, Alice did in fact become queen of Wonderland though this was accomplished in the original book’s sequel. By entering through the looking glass side of Wonderland, Alice entered the part of the realm that had the most rules insomuch that, when she played her cards right, she was able to, essentially, promote herself as queen of equal standing to the Red and White Chess Queens.

Admittedly, I’m a bit biased as the tale of Alice and her adventures in Wonderland are amongst my favorite stories but I would have liked to see Alice included with the other Disney Princesses if only because she would be the one and only child of the bunch. Though I suppose that is the one and only true reason as to why she isn’t actually included, I still feel that her exclusion is odd for a group geared towards young girls around Alice’s age. Aside from that, Alice is even more proactive than even the more “modern” of Disney Princesses in that though her own curiosity often leads her into trouble, she is always up to the challenge of getting out of it. Alice also is a girl after my own heart and she had many particular quirks that I found rather endearing as a boy. Particularly how even though she’s falling slowly down a long and strangely ornate hole with little chance of her being able to go back the way that she came, she actually takes the time to try and read a book on the way down.

You got to love a girl with the right kind of priorities.

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