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In truth, this line of reviews was inspired primarily by the marvelous work of Amy Mebberson and her weekly comic strip “Pocket Princesses” which focuses on the hilarity that is the daily lives of the Disney Princesses, particularly when they happen to share room and board with one another. That and as I said previously, there are a number of princesses amongst the Disney franchise that aren’t included as princesses for one reason or another and I’m going to try and delve into the reasons as to why I think they should be by focusing on three particular elements as I had the villains.

First, the actual nation from which the princess hails/rules and just what makes that place unique. Second, whether the unofficial princess has a form of sidekick it is in the form of a pet or an actual individual and, if applicable, their love interest. Thirdly, I shall try my best to define why I believe that they weren’t included amongst the mainstream Disney Princesses but be warned, these are my opinions/guesses, not hardcore truth. Lastly, just what makes them royalty in the first place, whether it is by birthright or by other circumstances such as marriage, right of conquest, etc.

However, I feel that I should lay down some ground rules before we get this started. First, I shall not include any characters whose place as royalty is limited only in a few particular instances such as the case with Minnie Mouse or Daisy Duck. Second, I will not be including any princesses from live action films or the direct-to-video sequels though I will include those from animated shows. Lastly, seeing as the Disney Princesses are human, I too shall focus only on those whom are human as well though I may at least touch upon those who deserve at least a nod of acknowledgement.

That being said, let’s get a good look at our first candidate shall we?