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Maid Marian

Domain: 12th Century England (Animal Version)
Premiered in: Robin Hood (1973)
Voiced By: Monica Evans

One of the first royals to be disregarded as one of the Disney Princesses, one of the primary reasons that I believe that Maid Marian wasn’t chosen was not solely because of her being a humanoid fox but because her history is as malleable as water. Though I am by no means a historian and I took a cursory glance at Wikipedia, the story of Robin Hood and all those associated with him has differed with every generation’s retelling of the tale and Maid Marian has gone from being a shepherdess to a lady-in-waiting. In Disney’s own version, she is stated simply as being the niece of King Richard and given her own relations with Prince John, or rather the severe lack thereof, I’d say that she is, at best, an adopted child of the crown whom could potentially inherit the crown under extreme circumstances.

Her kingdom is that of England if the country’s inhabitants were composed not of humans but a variety of animals to make one question just why certain species called it home. While it’s understandable that the actual royal family is made up of lions, such was the symbol of the crown for countless centuries after all, but where in the world did the rhino guards come in to play? It’d be an interesting place to see I’m sure but just the same, I imagine that if one were to retain their human form, they’d attract more than a few stares in turn.

Maid Marian’s sidekick is her lady-in-waiting, Lady Kluck. She is, without a doubt, the most hilarious of sidekicks any princess, official or otherwise, could possess as she takes the phrase “no nonsense attitude” to unbelievable extremes. I say this primarily because of the scene in which she informs the ensuing fight between Robin Hood and the guards as being no place for a lady shortly before entering the fray herself. She not only manages to hold her own but she actually football rushes a horde of rhinos and successfully escapes into Sherwood Forest.

Chicken though she may be, she certainly means business.

As I’m sure everyone who has ever heard the tale is aware, Maid Marian’s love interest is Robin Hood and unlike most royal couples, theirs was a romance years in the making. Maid Marian confesses to having known Robin Hood since childhood where they played many a game with each other and it was blatantly obvious that the two were smitten with each other. The years apart only strengthened their bond and the two shared a rather romantic night during the film. In the end, the two are wed and they ride off into the sunset.

That all being said, I can understand why Disney chose not to make her a Disney Princess though again it has nothing to do with her being a humanoid fox. Rather it’s that Maid Marian’s story is just too malleable with the times and while many a Disney Princess is vastly different from their original tale, theirs are distinct enough to stand against the tests of time while Maid Marian’s… doesn’t. The film Robin Hood is a good one, don’t get me wrong, but of the majority of Disney animated films it is one that tends to easily be forgotten amongst others.