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Otherwise Known As: Meg
Ancient Greece
Premiered in: Hercules (1997)
Voiced By: Susan Egan

Truth be told, I was going to skip over Meg simply because of how different her Disney story is from the Greek original. That and I’m firmly of the opinion that though many consider it as mythology now, back in its prime, such tales were as religious as any story found in the Bible to the Ancient Greeks. Still, with the last D23 Expo, and sample art of the currently abandoned “Princess Academy,” it is quite possible that Meg might join the Disney Princesses in the near future. In a way, I can understand the idea what with her being a possible representative of Greece but as far as royalty is concerned… Technically speaking Alice or even Esmeralda have a higher spot on the totem pole than she does and both are royals only by technicalities themselves.

Meg’s “royal” status comes entirely from her marriage to Hercules and, again ignoring the original tales, that doesn’t make her a person of royal distinction by any means. While Hercules is a demigod and the son of Zeus, King of the Olympian Gods, that does not make him a royal either both by his actual circumstances of being mortal and that the Greek Pantheon doesn’t work out in that fashion. In point of fact, many of the Greek Gods are also the children of Zeus and though they each have their own dominion such as wisdom or even controlling the sun and moon, they would not inherit the throne should Zeus die simply for the fact that Zeus is an immortal. That and if something, or someone, were capable of killing him then they have much bigger concerns than who sits on the throne at that point.

If one were to go by the original stories however, Meg is actually the princess of Thebes but seeing as it is never brought up in the film, that is a technicality and nothing more. Given her relationship with Hades, I’d sincerely doubt that anyone would fail to notice the princess disappearing for days on end never mind being left alone to go gallivanting off into the woods where any wild centaur could grab her. Though if that is the route that Disney decides to go with, I would love for there to be an actual animated scene where Hercules’ learns that he had unknowingly married a princess. If they go with a “lost heir” moment, then more Meg’s than Hercules as I’m sure hers would be absolutely hilarious to see.

Still, I can understand why Meg would be included amongst the Disney Princess for she is more of a realist than even Tiana is. In point of fact, Meg is quite easily the most pessimistic of the Disney heroines and even goes so far as to actually be sardonic to her film’s “villain” Hades, the Lord of the Underworld. I wouldn’t say half of the things she says to Hades even if I were in his favor and she says it while he, quite literally, has ownership of her soul at that point.

The girl’s got some serious moxie I’ll give her that much.

Meg doesn’t have any sidekicks or companions of her, merely those she has by proxy of others such as Pain and Panic whilst she served under Hades and Pegasus when she married Hercules. On that note, I have to say that I find her and Hercules’ relationship to be absolutely hilarious. She is, quite literally, the Lois Lane to his Superman and the way the two of them interact with each other, particularly in the beginning of their relationship, was a refreshing sight to see. Hercules has no trouble wooing women, particularly after his defeat of the Hydra and other monstrous foes, but his eyes are firmly set upon Meg and rather bashfully too might I add. He is, as Meg says, “an innocent farm boy” when it comes to women and even goes so far as to fix a slip in the shoulder strap of Meg’s dress when she is coming on to him/pumping him for information.

Though I don’t use this word often, particularly when it is describing relationships, I shall state rather firmly that scene was cute.

That and I just love her response to Hercules asking whether or not she’s a damsel in distress.

As far as domain is concerned, Ancient Greece would be Meg’s though that is a long stretch. Though not a ruler, Ancient Greece is her homeland and if I were going to the Disney version of Ancient Greece, I’d go right ahead and take a long vacation though I’d be sure to stay far away from Thebes. That is primarily for the reason that Disney’s interpretation of the Greek Pantheon is far… nicer… shall we say… and even so there are plenty of monsters and other things that don’t make for a permanent stay in the land of Ancient Greece.

Overall, while I can see how they’d loosely explain her royalty as they had with Mulan and Pocahontas, I can also understand why Disney would want to include Meg as an official Disney Princess. She is sassy, smart, and a realist to the extreme. While she had hope for a better future for herself, she wasn’t a dreamer nor did she mope with the situation she found herself in. She sold her soul to save her lover and when that lover ran off for another girl, she became rightfully bitter about love but eventually grew out of it by the warm affections of Hercules. She even willingly put her life, and very soul, on the line if it meant saving his, and that’s a kind of dedication that is beyond any price.