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Jane Porter

Domain: The Jungles of Africa (Early 20th Century)
Premiered in: Tarzan (1999)
Voiced By: Minnie Driver

Now arguably, Jane Porter is a woman of British distinction and is surprisingly well educated for a woman of her era, particularly in fields that most women were generally not seen involved in, but she, like her husband, is not royalty in the strictest sense of the word. As was the case for Esmeralda, Jane’s status as royalty is questionable only so much that her husband is only dubbed as Lord of the Jungle, or Apes whichever you may prefer, but that’s only taking into account for what is shown in the film. In the entirety of his life via the many books, Tarzan has been labeled as Viscount, Duke, Earl, and Chieftain so again, even if she’s not a true royal by blood or by marriage then Jane is certainly close.

Still, it is understandable why Jane wouldn’t be included amongst the Disney Princesses considering her “royal attire” is more akin to casual wear or even beachwear. Seriously, I would love to see a picture of her standing besides the Disney Princesses in her jungle attire and see the looks on the others’ faces. I think the only one who wouldn’t be shocked by it would be Ariel, who wore considerably less in her film. Clothing aside, I rather like Jane as a character as she, like most Disney heroines, wasn’t afraid to get right into the thick of things but, at the same time, she had a delightful amount of naivety when it came to her studying in the wilds of Africa.

Seriously, that dress… How did she even get as far as she did in it never mind those boots…

I also feel it worth mentioning that Jane’s greatest talent, besides her astounding empathy with animals of all sorts, is her artistic skills. More specifically, her ability to draw something so quickly and with a startling amount of detail especially if it’s something that has caught her interest, much like Tarzan had. In fact, she manages to draw a near perfect recreation of Tarzan via some chalk to such a point that she starts to swoon a little as she recalls his eyes, much to her father’s amusement.

Like Meg before her, Jane doesn’t have any sidekicks or companions to call her own though she has plenty by proxy of her husband. On that note… Tarzan… Honestly, I’ll refrain from talking too much of him as it would require a page of his own but I will say that I found their growing romance rather sweet. Just as Jane was educating Tarzan, so too was he with her and the two only continued to become closer because of it and it was moments like the vine swinging scene that really solidified their love for me more than any other moment in the film. There’s taking the plunge and there’s that, and that was breathtaking to behold.

As to Jane’s domain, I’m sorry to say that it would be one place that I would never, ever want to visit. Not even with someone like Tarzan watching my back the entire way because the jungle that he and Jane call home is not merely a jungle from out of stories but an actual jungle of Africa. Never mind the bugs that’d surely drive me mad, there’s all manner of beasts roaming around and while I don’t doubt that Tarzan could handle any one of them easily, us mundane folks would be chickens caught in a den of leopards so to speak. Though I do admit, I wouldn’t mind a concert or two from Terk and Tantor…

Sad as it is for me to admit, I can’t really see Jane ever joining the Disney Princesses solely for the fact that though she plays a prevalent role in Tarzan’s story, she is still second fiddle to him. I simply can’t imagine her on her own without him by her side as I can for most of the Princesses and candidates. Not to say that Jane couldn’t hold her own or anything of that sort, merely that she and Tarzan are such a wondrous pair that it would be a shame to separate them.