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Vanellope von Schweetz

Domain: Sugar Rush
Premiered in: Wreck-It Ralph (2012)
Voiced By: Sarah Silverman

The reason as to why Vanellope von Schweetz is not included amongst the Disney Princesses is both the most unique and utterly hilarious reason to ever be considered as canon amongst the Disney Animated Films. The sole reason as to why Vanellope is not considered a Disney Princess is by her own royal decree of eliminating her own monarchy and instilling a democracy with her being president. Though I somewhat doubt that the citizens of Sugar Rush and the racers whom once looked down on her during the whole King Candy debacle will ever vote for anyone else, the thought still counts.

Vanellope is, technically speaking, nine years old in body and personality but is a little over five years old in the sense that her game, Sugar Rush Speedway, was plugged in sometime in the year 1997. There is also taking into account that the exact specifics of her character were badly damaged when Turbo locked away her memories and turned her into a glitch. It actually makes me wonder just what kind of person Vanellope would have been if her personality had been restored along with her memory. It is evident by her castle and her official royal attire that she was, at the least, a show-off if nothing else.

Still, whatever she might have been, the Vanellope that we get to know and love is a character that I can’t honestly compare to any other. She’s spunky, sassy, and suffering some serious sugar high alongside her glitching but she’s also a realist and is unbelievably forgiving. She forgave Ralph after Turbo tricked him into destroying her cart and her fellow racers whom had bullied her for seven years! In point of fact, in a storybook continuation of her life in Sugar Rush Speedway, Vanellope goes out of her way to help one of her fellow racers rebuild his cart and openly cheers him on in winning the next roster race.

Technically speaking, Vanellope doesn’t have any companions or sidekicks prior to the events of Ralph “going turbo” throughout the arcade but afterwards one could argue that she would have Sour Bill as her majordomo again. Much like Alice, she’s too young to have a love interest though some are under the impression that one Rancis Fluggerbutter has a crush on her. Though I’m sure if anyone were to ask her, her sidekick would most certainly be Wreck-It Ralph otherwise known as “Stink Brain” by the tiny president.

If it were at all possible to enter the world of video games and interact with them as the characters of the arcade seem capable of doing, then I would not only visit Sugar Rush, I’d likely try my hand at a race or two. Provided of course that failure does not mean instant death in every sense of the phrase. Sugar Rush is akin to Candyland insomuch that the entirety of the world itself is made up of sugary treats. When I say the entirety I mean everything from the environment to the regular citizens. In point of fact, the only ones whom are human are the racers though this is debatable with their names and clothing being made up of candy and the like.

In a way, I’m rather disappointed that Vanellope isn’t included amongst the Disney Princesses if only because I would love to see how she’d get along with the other royals, particularly those of the “older” generations. I’ve no doubt in my mind that she’d get on just fine with Merida but the others I’m sure, she’d drive up the wall with her antics and mannerisms.