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Snow White

Domain: Bavaria, Germany (Early 1700’s)
Premiered in: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)
Voiced By: Adriana Caselotti

At a tender age of fourteen, Snow White is easily the youngest of the Disney Princesses and is, sadly, the most unexplored of them. She is the quintessential princess from whom all others are based upon be they Disney or otherwise and as such, is one of those rare treasures where one may gaze upon her beauty but never may they touch upon it with the same majesty as when she first premiered into the world. As a Princess of Heart, I’ve no doubt that the aspect that Snow White personifies is kindness to the utmost degree as even in the wake of her stepmother’s death, she still mourned for the woman whom called her “Little Bird” with such heartfelt regret that the curse upon the Magic Mirror was broken and the Queen’s spirit took immediate residence to be the mother she had been rather than the wicked stepmother she had become.

Contrary to what many might assume, Snow White’s Prince is not named Charming but is instead named as “Florian” in live action productions such as Disney On Ice or the daily shows at the many parks. All in all… I can’t really say much on Florian aside from the fact that he is obviously smitten with Snow White to the point where he had absolutely no hesitation to kiss his fair maiden goodbye on her deathbed. Aside from that, there’s a funny joke amongst Disney fans that he and Prince Phillip of Sleeping Beauty are in desperate need of nametags should the two of them ever happen to be dressed alike and standing near each other.

There is no argument that Snow White’s companions are the seven dwarfs but of the lot, or is it gaggle, of them, she is closest to Grumpy with Dopey being a close second. With Snow White and Dopey, I’d swear that she were the older sister to a delightfully silly younger brother whom means well with his actions, no matter how bumbling they may be. As to her and Grumpy, there’s no question that he’s the surly uncle that no one initially likes until they realize the heart of gold lying beneath that cantankerously old exterior. I always thought he and Snow White were the closest and it’s shown predominately when Snow White prays, actually prays, that Grumpy will come to like her as much as she likes him.

While I did not cry in that moment, I did sniffle a little.

Still, if there is one thing that Snow White is infamously known for, it’s the stereotypical, yet rarely executed, charming of woodland animals to help with household chores. I’d argue that it has more to due with her own kind nature but then, I’d never expect to see deer, bunnies, and birds helping with the dishes. Speaking of bunnies…

Snow White’s “Palace Pet” is an immensely fluffy tailed rabbit named “Berry” for her having been found hiding underneath a blueberry bush, one that she happened to have been partaking in with great relish I might add. Aside from that freakishly huge tuft of a tail (seriously the thing is bigger than the little rabbit’s head) I can’t fault her physical design any. I can however call extreme foul on that ridiculously over-the-top tiara atop her head. While none of the Disney Princesses are known for showing off their wealth as royalty, Snow White is far more likely to dress Berry in an actual bow rather than a bow-shaped tiara. We are talking about the princess who raised no voice against her stepmother’s behavior and willingly wore rags unbefitting a scullery maid!


Snow White’s domain, while never official stated in the film, is claimed by Disney to be in the area currently known as Bavaria of Germany, which is rather ironic really as I had always assumed her domain to be near, if not in, the Black Forest. Either way, there’s not much to tell of her domain that otherwise would not be atypical to its time period save for the inclusion of dwarves and magic. Between the two, I’d rather see the modern day Germany than that of the ancient times where animals did the dishes and trees could put the fear of God into even the most stalwart of individuals.

As to her redesign… Truth be told, aside from the sparkled design added to the skirt and bodice, I hardly noticed any difference between it and her original dress. Seeing them side-by-side though, you can see the added detail to her hair, particularly the curls. I don’t quite know why the moved the bow of her headband to one side of her head versus the center but either way seems fine to me. All in all, the only thing I would want more of for Snow White is another tale to tell of her and her prince or even her relationship with her stepmother the Queen. While I abhor most of the direct-to-video sequels, they at least gave a greater depth of character to those whom we presumed to know everything about and add a means of redemption to those we though irredeemable.