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Cinderella Tremaine

Domain: France (Time Period Unknown)
Premiered in: Cinderella (1950)
Voiced By: Ilene Woods

Often referred to as the de-facto leader of the Disney Princesses and formerly the oldest of the group, with Elsa beating her by two whole years, Cinderella is one of the most recognized of the Disney royals and with good reason. It is her palace that is the literal icon of Disney, more than even Walt Disney’s own stylized signature and is the centerpiece for most of the various theme parks scattered across the world. Aside from her age, I can easily understand why she would be considered as the leader of the Princesses and it has everything to do with her shoes, which I’ve discovered are a size 4½. Aside from her feet being ridiculously tiny, Cinderella was able to not only wear a pair of glass slippers without breaking them, something that one has to be incredibly delicate and surefooted to do I’m sure, but she was perfectly fine wearing them throughout the ball for several hours.

As a Princess of Heart, if Snow White was kindness then Cinderella is perseverance personified. Never mind that she endured goodness knows how many years of verbal and emotional abuse at the hands of her stepmother and stepsisters, but she even cared enough to try and aid her stepsister Anastasia when the redhead fell totally and utterly in love with a local baker. In point of fact, it was in the premiere film for Sofia the First wherein we learn that it was Cinderella’s one regret that she never truly mended the relationship she could have had with Drusilla and even Lady Tremaine herself. If she hadn’t become a princess by way of marrying the prince, I’m certain Cinderella could have been eligible for sainthood.

As stated above, Cinderella’s domain is France but the time period is heavily debated insomuch that while the original story took place in the late 1600’s, the Grand Duke and the king were in attendance of Prince Eric’s wedding during The Little Mermaid, which takes place in the mid-1900’s. Thanks in no small part to a select cameo or two in Frozen, there is a distinctive possibility that Cinderella also shares the same world as Elsa, Ariel, and even Rapunzel. This in itself isn’t all that strange considering that Cinderella’s tale of romance was done in no small part due to the blessings of her fairy godmother. A fairy godmother that I feel should have intervened several years earlier but that’s faerie magic for you. Much the same as Snow White’s Germany, I’d rather visit the modern day equivalent than one from the past though I wouldn’t say no to taking residence in a castle. Particularly one located in a certain Magic Kingdom, but then who wouldn’t?

It should be noted that Cinderella’s love interest, and later husband, was never officially named as “Prince Charming” until the Kingdom Hearts series and, technically, he’s named as “Henri” over in France. Either way, for the purpose of this review, he shall henceforth be known as Charming simply for the fact that I find it incredibly hilarious that anyone would name their kid as such, royalty or not. While he had more of a role than Florian from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, it is just as equally more questionable as to what he does during the film itself. Never mind his one night of romance with Cinderella, the real head scratcher comes from his pursuit in finding her via the slipper she left behind.

Even knowing how ridiculously hard it is to find someone with Cinderella’s shoe size I still have to question Charming’s method in locating Cinderella. Wouldn’t it have been a heck of a lot easier to simply request for one to provide the other shoe and ergo, prove to be the mysterious maiden at the ball? Even if Lady Tremaine managed to steal it from Cinderella, it would, and was, blatantly obvious that none of her daughters could fit it onto their sasquatch-sized feet.

Similar to Snow White before her, Cinderella has her own menagerie of animal companions but limits them strictly to the pets of the household, those being the aged dog Bruno and equally aged horse Major, and the various “pests” that the rest of her family abhors. Those being the songbirds and mice, predominately a pair Jacque and Gus and all of whom adore Cinderella as much as she adores them though I think this adoration stems more from the fact that she likes dressing them all up in little clothes once she’s gone and named them. The little pipsqueaks even go so far as to try and make a dress for Cinderella to attend the ball and despite using, ahem, “borrowed” materials, they made quite the outfit and did it entirely in song to boot. Not that I could really understand what they were saying half the time but there you go.

Out of the entirety of “Palace Pets” amongst the Disney Princesses, Cinderella’s is one of the most normal and tame in both design and background. Ironically named Pumpkin, by Cinderella no less, the white furred dog was a gift by Prince Charming in commemoration of their first anniversary. I can’t actually complain about her accessories as I did for Blueberry. Sad as it is to say, I’ve seen gaudier tiaras atop many a dog’s head and even so, I like its design being that of Cinderella’s famous carriage though I do call poor choice in making the tag bear the glass slipper instead of an actual pumpkin.

As to Cinderella’s redesign… Let me first state that as of this post, there is no official hair color for Cinderella. I say this because it changes based entirely on the media in which it is seen. In the original film, it’s a light orange color but I’ve seen it go from that to a brilliantly yellow shade of blonde. As to her actual outfit, as one can see below, there is many changes done to it, most predominately it going from snowy white to sky blue. I firmly believe this was done to make it appear that Cinderella wasn’t dressed in a wedding gown, something that was even mixed around in the actual film itself if you can believe that! Her shoes also got a slight change from being plain glass to being tinted with a dash of blue though I think this was done primarily so artists wouldn’t have to worry about the finer details of illustrating her toes. Lastly her hair… Oh boy her hair… I’m on the fence about its style more than I am anything else.

The dress and its redesign are sensible, the shoes even more so, but her hair? I think we should have an actual color for it before messing with its style personally but aside from that I feel like it’s… It’s too overly complicated for a girl like Cinderella. We’re talking about a girl whom dressed as a scullery maid while living in a castle for pity’s sake and one whose hair was better off hanging down or in pigtails. Though I do admit, I’m glad that her headband changed to actually show her ears rather than looking like a pair of earmuffs.