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Otherwise Known As: Briar Rose
England (14th Century)
Premiered in: Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Voiced By: Mary Costa

The tallest of the Disney Princesses and sharing second-in-command with Belle of Beauty & the Beast, Princess Aurora is easily one of the most unexplored of the Disney Princesses insomuch that for the entirety of the film that she is featured in, she’s in it for all of eighteen minutes out of seventy-six. True, we get a feel for her when she is first introduced as a, magically enhanced, beauty of the woods leaving with her kind, but somewhat flaky, “aunts” but there could have been so much more to her in the original film. For while she is a Princess of Heart like her predecessors, I can’t honestly state what one emotion Aurora embodies. If I really racked my brains about it though, I’d say that she is, at least, a surprisingly elegant romantic. Elegant insomuch that even when she was living as a peasant girl, she danced like royalty though this may be due primarily to her christening gifts.

Speaking of those gifts, I can’t help but wonder how Aurora would have turned out without them. To be fair, the first two were very specific in their regard that she would eventually grow to have, “hair of sunshine and lips red as the rose.” While I don’t doubt that Aurora would have been pretty regardless of the gift, I wonder if she was actually meant to be a brunette or if she’d be as tall as she is without it. Seriously, English or not, she’s unbelievably tall whence standing amongst the other Princesses. Then there is Fauna’s gift of song, which frankly wasn’t all that impressive to me. Out of all the Disney Princesses, I found Aurora’s singing voice to be… too operatic to my liking but that’s more my own personal preference really.

Like Snow White, Aurora had a plethora of animals to call her friends though her true companions are her fairy “aunts” Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. The three good fairies, while being well intended, are no less foolish than Aurora’s own parents when it came to Maleficent’s curse. Stefan had seen to it that every spindle had been destroyed and while Maleficent actively searched for Aurora, she only did so when it seemed as though she had disappeared from the face of the earth. So why on earth would they need to take her away and live in peasantry for sixteen years, particularly when it’s obvious that, after a time, Aurora started taking care of them seeing how much of a mess they made with attempting to make a cake and a dress. There is also the whole debacle with revealing Aurora’s true status as royalty and her betrothal, both of which could have been handled much better never mind that they thought it was a good idea to leave her alone literally minutes—MINUTES—away from being scot-free of Maleficent’s curse.

They didn’t drop the ball.

They dropped the freaking baby.

As to Aurora’s “Palace Pet” known simply as Beauty… Oh boy… If any one of the Palace Pets is overly girlish then it’s this poor kitty. Never mind the tiara fit with a ruby as big as the cat’s paw, but this poofy tailed feline is pink. I haven’t a doubt in my mind that despite having been found by Aurora sleeping in a patch of flowers, that Flora is entirely responsible for this cat’s distinctive coloration. The obscene hues of pink aside however, I can’t fault the accessory for the cat, ruby aside, and truth be told, I find it incredibly hilarious that Aurora has a narcoleptic cat.

Contrary to Charming and Florian, Prince Phillip has far more action under his belt but despite this he is still as small a character as Aurora herself. Aside from his rather brilliant manipulation in tricking his father into allowing him to find and marry a “peasant girl” the three good fairies all but pulled Phillip along for the ride in confronting Maleficent, someone whom neither he nor Aurora had any clue about. In point of fact, recent film aside, Aurora never once met Maleficent and likely didn’t learn of the reason for her life as a peasant until the whole affair had been dealt with.

Lastly, in regards to her redesign… I think we can safely assume that a majority of the Princesses have received a unique sparkly texture I actually find it rather funny that it has been “softened” so to speak. The one thing that makes Sleeping Beauty distinct was its design being predominately sharp angles and Aurora’s signature dress was no exception. Of course, the coloration of the dress itself has bounced back and forth between Flora pink and Merryweather blue but is predominately inclined as pink solely for the fact that there are quite enough Disney heroines dressed in blue as it is. I also like her new hairstyle as it shows off that sunshine gold a heck of a lot more than her old one and the slightly altered tiara only enhances the dawn for which she is named. Still, if there’s one thing about it that I find odd it’s that she kept the gold choker-necklace-ring thing that to this day, I’ve no idea what it is or how it’s properly worn.