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Dragons. Creatures of myth whose dominion spread across every known continent and culture bar the Antarctic, and whose legends range from villainous monsters of damnation to chivalrous heroes of salvation. From mountainous peaks to the oceanic depths, there has been a story told of a dragon and in our modern era, their legends have reached whole new peaks.

As before with the Disney Princesses and Villains, I do have some quid pro quos when it comes to this series of reviews, which I shall henceforth call “Draconic Dominium.”

First, I shall only review dragons, not humanoid shape-shifters capable of taking draconic form no matter their renown for that form over their human one. Second, the dragon in question must be a key character in the story and not some background character that would otherwise go unnoticed. Third, in the case of multitudes of dragons throughout, I shall only focus on the one most predominate of the bunch though I may touch lightly upon the rest later on. Lastly, any and all dragons of various media are fair game so expect a wild and bumpy ride from here on out.

As to the reviews specifically, I shall be focusing on the dragon as a character such as their alignment towards good or evil and how they interact with others outside their kind, the realm that they inhabit should it be wholly unique compared to our own, and, if need be, the specific species of dragon that they are.

That being said, let’s begin with a countdown of my personal top ten favorite dragons.