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Otherwise Known As:
Guardian Beast Dragon Caesar (In Kyoryu Sentai Zouranger)
Tommy Oliver (Green Ranger I)
Angel Grove, CA
Featured in: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Admittedly, I was intending to make this review strictly on the Dragonzord’s pilot Tommy Oliver what with him being the Green Ranger whose very powers and weaponry hail from the dragons of old but… Tommy has a long career as different Power Rangers and strictly speaking, there have been other Power Rangers who have a dragon for their chief Zord or some variation thereof. Still, I shall at least make mention of the fact that I greatly idolized Tommy for this very reason and had even grown my hair to match the length of his own back in my childhood years.

In other words, yes, I did in fact have a mullet but in my defense, it was a cool thing to have at the time or so I believed.

The Dragonzord comes close to Charizard to me for nostalgic feels and will undoubtedly continue to do so for countless years to come. Still, though its name and power is derived from dragons as a whole, there’s no mistaking the clear tongue-in-cheek acknowledgement to a certain famous Japanese monster. Yes, the Dragonzord was created based on Godzilla as far as overall form is concerned but also maintains something of a similar personality insomuch that no matter the urgency or desire of its pilot, the Dragonzord almost always tears its way through warehouses.

For those unawares, Zords are essential mechanical, or biomechanical, robots whose forms and capabilities are different to every Zord. Most generally take the form of animals but there have been many to possess the form of vehicles. There are many types and categories of Zords with the Dragonzord itself being of the Type II line. Type II Zords are those whom belong to a specific Power Ranger, generally either the sixth or “lone wolf” Power Ranger of the group, and can combine with some or all of the other teams’ Zords to form an even more powerful version of the standard Megazord.

Amongst the Dinozords, the Dragonzord is easily the most powerful of them and is arguably one of the more powerful Zords to date. Contrary to the Dinozords that require their pilots to control them from within their respected cockpits, the Dragonzord is usually commanded by way of the Dragon Dagger. A weapon that is also a flute the Dragon Dagger’s songs can give commands to the Dragonzord but it otherwise fights on its own. If anything, the Dragon Dagger only serves to command the Dragonzord to use specific weaponry or to combine with the other Dinozords.

As to its weaponry, the Dragonzord possesses a tail tipped with a massive drill that sends most monsters flying with a casual flick. Its other chief weapon is another tongue-in-cheek nod to the Godzilla franchise, specifically the robotic monster MechaGodzilla. The Dragonzord’s fingers can launch missiles without limit and, back when Tommy was under the sway of the sorceress Rita Repulsa, without impunity.

What makes the Dragonzord especially distinct amongst most Zords, Dinozords or otherwise, is that its powers and capability are reflected by the strength of its pilot, that being whomsoever holds both the Dragon Dagger and the Dragon Shield upon their Power Ranger form. Initially, this was one Tommy Oliver as the original Green Ranger, but when Rita used her foul sorcery to rid him of his powers, Tommy gave the last of it to Jason, the Red Ranger, so that they could at least rely on the mighty Dragonzord to fight on their side. However, with the arrival of Lord Zedd and his stronger contingent of monsters, the Dinozords were upgraded into the more powerful Thunderzords save for the lone Dragonzord whose powers started to fail when the last of the Green Ranger power faded entirely away.

To date, it is quite likely one of the few original Zords still capable of being activated and used in battle once more. For most of the Zords throughout the years have either been destroyed, rebuilt into newer, more powerful forms, or simply retired from the battlefield, the Dragonzord still sleeps in the depths od the ocean, dreaming of the day that it shall hear its song and enter the battlefield once more…

And who knows… that day might not be long in the waiting…