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Real Name: Unknown
Age: 170 (Human Years?)
Home Planet:
Earth-616 (Mainstream Marvel Universe)
Member of: Pet Avengers, X-Men, S.W.O.R.D.
Featured in: Pet Avengers, S.W.O.R.D.

I’ll admit, I’m a fan of comic books and a longtime fan of the Marvel universe with characters like Spider-Man and Nightcrawler being the first to come to the forefront of my mind when I think of comic book heroes. Much its rival company DC Comics, Marvel has also created many a draconic character but unlike DC Comics, of whom I cannot honestly recall any dragons, there are three that come immediately to mind from Marvel. While each of these dragons are distinctive to themselves they all share one common trait.

They are not dragons.

Not as the common belief depicts them at any rate. In the case of Lockheed, he is a dragon in body but not so in stature, being close to the size of a large house cat if anything else. He is also not a native resident of Earth but hails from a, thus-far unnamed, planet that houses his species and was an accomplished individual of his kind. Unfortunately, his race has something of a hive mind mentality insomuch that while Lockheed accomplished many great deeds, his presence alone was enough to send members of the Brood fleeing for the hills.

Just to clarify for those unaware, the Brood is a race of demonic alien insects on steroids with a reproduction style that is reminiscent to those of the Xenomorphs. They also take an extreme delight in the suffering of their victims. They average around eight feet in height and have fought claw-to-fist with heroes like Wolverine and Ms. Marvel. But they ran from Lockheed, a dragon no bigger than a housecat. Though, to be fair, even when drunk out of his little mind, Lockheed proved to be a capable enough fighter to successfully fend off individuals specifically trained and geared towards capturing/incapacitating him.

That’s the sound of a dragon’s ego hitting the all-time peak by the way.

Found on the alien world by Kitty Pryde, the young X-Man secreted Lockheed away to the Institute and managed to successfully ensure his status as a pet for several long years as no one, not even Xavier, would realize the truth of Lockheed’s origins let alone his sentience. As a species, Lockheed’s species are highly empathic and have mental shields strong enough to repel the likes of Professor Xavier from reading their minds.

Professor Xavier is one of the most powerful telepaths in comic book history.

Dang, Lockheed is getting OP here isn’t he?

Well, unfortunately, Lockheed is not the typical Gary Stu type. As I had mentioned earlier, thanks to his individuality attitude and wishes, Lockheed was banished by his people and he had kept his secret from Kitty Pryde for several years. In point of fact, the only reason it was revealed at all to her was because of the involvement of the Sentient World Observation and Response Department.

SWORD for short and yes, it is an offspring organization born from SHIELD but is in no way connected to them beyond that.

SWORD had approached the X-Men, that is to say forced them, into aiding them in stopping another attempt at destroying Earth. It was then that the X-Men, and Kitty, learned that Lockheed was not only intelligent but was also a mole for several years. Though he had only done so out of duty towards his home world, to which SWORD had promised aid, the betrayal still stung deep in the heart of Kitty Pryde and made all the worse for poor Lockheed when it appeared that Kitty had sacrificed her life in defense of Earth.

This especially wounded Lockheed to the point where his small drinking problem grew exponentially because he, in his own words, felt that Kitty was his kindred spirit. That there’s was a love truly true and combining his betrayal, he and Kitty coming back together as friends and Kitty’s “death” shortly thereafter…

It was a miracle that the little guy’s heart hadn’t shattered completely by that point.

In more recent times, Lockheed has found new friends and allies in the appropriately named Pet Avengers, a team of animal sidekicks that together had accomplished… quite a lot actually. Brought together by a combined effort of Lockjaw and Throg, the Pet Avengers sought to find the Infinity Gems. While they did manage this, they also managed to bring the attention of Thanos but together managed to defeat him and send him packing to an alternate dimension

However, Lockheed’s loyalty was again tested in a more recent venture that had him fighting not only against his allies but the Avengers themselves. Yet it was not for groups like the X-Men or even SWORD that brought this sudden and seemingly inexplicable change in the alien dragon, but a single individual.

I’ll give you three guesses…