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Name Origin: Sir John Talbot of the film The Wolf Man (1941)
Otherwise Known As:
Gallon (“Hungry Wolf”)
Heir of: Baraba “the Wolf Lord” Kreutz
Home Country:
Featured In:
Voiced By: Alvin Sanders (OVA)

Throughout many media, the werewolf has been as interchangeable as the vampire as far as power and capability. Make no mistake, the common trope of them being shapeshifters able to interchange between man and wolf is there but beyond that… The change itself is considered either a blessing or a curse depending on the story of the werewolf in question and for the likes of Jon Talbain it is both.

His human mother dead from childbirth and his father mysteriously vanished prior to it, Jon grew up believing that he was a human in blood and body until one fateful night when the moon turned full and he transformed into a werewolf. Yet, contrary to the popular myth, Jon’s transformation seemed permanent as the moon’s fall and the sun’s rising did little to affect him. Thankfully, Jon remained somewhat in control of himself and started a long journey to controlling his inner beast and, hopefully, regain his human form.

Jon would not only succeed in this endeavor but would eventually become a martial arts master capable of using his own beastly energies to form attacks straight out of… well, an anime series. His most recognizable move, the “Beast Cannon” involves Jon enveloping himself in a field of ki and launching himself with all the force of a cannon strike. A smaller though less destructive variation of this attack is the “Dragon Cannon” wherein instead of launching himself, Jon creates a pair of energy dragon-wolves that fly out from his claws towards his opponent.

It has been said time and time again that Jon Talbain is the werewolf equivalent to Bruce Lee and frankly, I think that is an apt comparison. Contrary to how one might assume that a werewolf ought to fight, Jon’s attacks and way of combat are all about quick but effective strikes and not all the frenzied ripping and tearing we often see of most werewolves. Jon fights to win and he never allows his animal instincts out to interfere with his fighting though he does get a bit… shall we say antagonistic towards those whom regard him more as a monster than a man.

Though a werewolf, Jon is commonly referred to as a “Darkstalker,” a name that conforms any and all creatures of the night that can, could, or will mean ill intent towards humans. Any creature that is in some way “inhuman” but of enough intelligence to know right from wrong and can/will kill people with frightening ease is given this title and it infuriates Jon to be lumped in them. In a way, I can somewhat agree with Jon’s sentiment only in that he and a great number of other species are lumped in with the likes of such creatures as Morrigan Aensland and Demitri, both of whom have to eat people to survive or enough Lord Raptor who killed himself and a hundred other people as a sacrifice to attain power.

It is a good term to unify the vast varieties of sentient monsters in the world, but it is unfair of them to consider the likes of Felicia or Anakaris to be literal “monsters.” Speaking of Felicia, though it is never stated outright, there is a strong leaning towards her and Jon having some manner of romantic relationship with each other. This in itself is hilarious to me in a vast variety of ways considering that Jon is an English werewolf who practices Oriental style martial arts while Felicia is a Catholic raised American catwoman with slight… ahem… nudist tendencies shall we say…

Overall, of the many werewolves I’ve seen and read, Jon Talbain is one whom I’d never want to fight against. While the telltale weaknesses of lycanthropes still work on Jon, it’s a manner of actually hitting him with those same weaknesses that proves to be a problem. As was demonstrated time and time again by the premiere Darkstalker hunter B.B. Hood whose particular specialty/intense focus lies on werewolves. Though I’m loathe to admit it, it has been shown how relatively easy it is to bring down a werewolf with a silver bullet, and in one particular case why only a silver bullet will work, but that’s taking into account that the werewolf in question is more of an animal than a man and even those with human intelligence still fight like beasts.

Against the likes of Jon Talbain, a humanoid werewolf whose martial arts prowess has him compared to the likes of Bruce Lee, the man who won a fight in eleven seconds with a total of fifteen punches and one kick, and who has the ability to fling energy dragon-wolves via his hands?

Yeah, ya’ll gonna need some bigger bullets.