Seeing as the newest Disney animated film, Big Hero 6, is set to be released later this week and I’ve honestly been wanting to do this for a while now, I shall now count down my own personal top ten choices of heroic characters. Now, to be fair, the characters whom I chose for this list are those from any manner of media and not strictly comic books. I say this because a good number of my personal favorite heroes and heroines in comics tend to die, get horribly/blatantly written out of the mainstream universe, and/or suffer a severe retconning the likes of which can drive a man to madness. Or bitterness. Sometimes even an unhealthy amount of both.

That being said, curse you One More Day and all of your like written ilk! Curse you to the Pit from whence you came!

Ah… Ahem, anyway, as I was saying…

For the reviews themselves, I will focus on the hero’s origin, their strengths/weaknesses, their chief enemy/rival, and their greatest triumph above all others in whatever media they feature in. Should such a circumstance also arrive, I will also go over their “darker” selves, be they inner personalities or wicked clones.

Now, unfortunately, some of the heroes I’ve chosen exist in multiple aspects in the sense that depending on the series, be it comic books, video games, or televised series, the hero is rather… Well, rather a lot like the Greek and Roman pantheons. The name may sometimes be the same but the personalities and histories are vastly different. For those characters, I will explicitly state which media I’m drawing my personal opinions on them from but other than that, it’s fair game.