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Titles: The Blue Blur, The Fastest Thing Alive
Member of: The Freedom Fighters
Featured In:
Archie Comics
Voiced By: Roger Craig Smith (Current)

While I cannot claim that it was Sonic who got me into video games, as that honors falls entirely upon Yoshi in his premiere of Super Mario World, I can say that it was thanks to Sonic that I started reading comic books. My mother, happening upon a few issues at a local store and thinking the character of Sonic as cute bought them for me and ever since, I’ve been a firm follower of the Archie Comics series of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Now, at the time of this post, a recent event known as the Super Genesis Wave has done a major retconning to most of the history of the Archie Comics’ Sonic and company. The overhaul is so great that I could spend whole reams of paper simply comparing what was to what is now currently occurring in the comics. However, it was the Pre-SGW Sonic that I grew up with and though his personality and powers are the same as they’ve ever been, it was his adventures and triumphs then that earned him as my most favorite video game hero of all time.

To those who do know the character of Sonic I must respectfully ask that you bear with me as I give a very generalized rundown of his history to those who don’t. To begin with, as his name might imply, Sonic is both a hedgehog and one that is extremely fast. So fast in fact that he can break the sound barrier on a casual jog and go even beyond that with proper power ups at hand. Sonic’s quills are also strong enough to rip through most known metals, easily tearing his way through many of the robotic creations of his chief villain whom I shall discuss momentarily.

Sonic’s greatest power though comes not strictly from himself but from two particular items. The first, known simply as Power Rings, were created by Nate Morgan, an Overlander scientist, for the purpose of a clean fuel source. In the case of Sonic, he can use them to bolster his already incredible speed to new heights. Yet these Power Rings pale in comparison to Sonic’s strongest tool against evil: the Chaos Emeralds.

Originally, there was no shortage of Chaos Emeralds to be found on Mobius and, as the name implied, they were all green. During his adventures through space, Sonic learned that certain worlds also possessed a Chaos Emerald but also a distinctive color such as red or blue. It wasn’t until the event known as the Great Harmony that all of the Chaos Emerald across the entire universe were taken from their respected worlds and fused together into the Seven Chaos Emeralds commonly recognized in the games. Should Sonic utilize the power of the Chaos Emeralds together, he transforms into a being known as Super Sonic.

In this form, Sonic’s fur takes a golden hue and his green eyes turn maliciously red though his personality remains somewhat the same. He does become a tad more serious in taking down whatever threat is coming at him. Super Sonic is not only invulnerable to harm but can reach the speed of light with ease. However, the effect is not permanent and Sonic can revert back to normal form if dealt enough punishment or if he uses too much Chaos Energies.

While Sonic is prone to the atypical weaknesses of any teenager, that being a sure-fired cockiness and a never-say-die attitude, Sonic is incapable of swimming. While he can run at fast enough speeds to actually move across water if need be, the moment he’s submerged in it he is, quite literally, sunk.

Sonic has had many enemies throughout the games and the comics alike, some of whom would become friendly rivals at best or murderous sociopaths at the worst, but the top contender will always be the man known currently as Doctor Eggman. Originally named as Julian Kintobor of the House Ivo, the madman who would eventually terrorize the entirety of Mobius has Sonic’s own uncle to thank for his sharp rise to power. Armed with the device known as the Roboticizer, the newly renamed Doctor Ivo Robotnik began a surge of terror the likes of which I’ve yet to see on such a scale in anyone.

For you see, Robotnik took no prisoners in the sense that he used the Roboticizer to turn anyone whom he captured into robotic versions of themselves that he could then control as his slaves. Some individuals, like Sonic, were exceptionally dangerous as robots as they retained all of their abilities alongside several dangerous upgrades.

Sonic’s greatest triumph against Robotnik occurred during Operation: Endgame wherein he successfully framed Sonic for the attempted murder of Princess Sally Acorn as a means of buying time to launch his greatest weapon at the time; the Ultimate Annihilator, a device meant to alter reality and destroy matter. His nephew however, had altered the weapon’s programming to target his uncle’s DNA, so while both Robotnik and Sonic were caught in the blast it was Robotnik who perished from existence.

For a time at any rate…

But that’s a whole other carton of eggs that is far too convoluted to properly explain and, honestly, deserves a review unto itself so let’s move on…

As of this posting, Sonic is currently dealing with a darker version of himself in the form of the inappropriately named “Werehog.” Having inhaled a cloud of noxious purple gas resulted from the current Shattered World Crisis, Sonic has now gained the ability to transform into a monstrous version of himself once the sun has set. In this form, Sonic’s speed has gone straight into his muscle mass, increasing his physical strength to surpass that of his agility and speed. His arms also have the strange ability to stretch outwards for to grab or punch anything that he otherwise couldn’t reach before.

Initially, Sonic had only displayed mild feral traits during moments of great stress until, ultimately, the sight of his friends in danger was enough to set him off completely into the transformation. During the first transformation, Sonic’s perceptions were heavily distorted, seeing everything and everyone around him as a threat and he responded in kind. He has only recently begun to gain control over himself but whether or not that control will last remains to be seen…