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With the approaching holiday season, and my wanting to give as much serious thought to my top ten villains as I had my top ten heroes, I shall do something slightly different for the remainder of this month.

For the duration of December, I shall review a spirit of the winter holidays. By “spirits” I don’t mean those of Past, Present, or Future but rather the characters that often inspire thoughts of the holiday season or are the very epitomes of it. Some of these characters will be those that I’m sure anyone off the street could name but a few may just surprise you…

For these particular characters, I will focus on three aspects and maybe a few minor ones that could crop up here and there. First, I will focus on their history/origin whether it is from modern media or a tale as old as time. Second, whatever tale, film, or even song has immortalized the character and how it may or may not differ from the original story. Lastly, how I feel that the character in question embodies the winter holidays and whether or not they should be more or even less popularized than they currently are.