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Welp, the new year has officially begun and though I promised to start it off as I had last year with a series of reviews on my top ten favorite villains I came to realize two things. First, I would, essentially, be repeating the beginning of last year and while traditions are well and good, I don’t want to start off every year on a villainous note.

Second, I’m still debating my top choice. Seriously, you’ve NO idea how many villains I’ve gone through just to narrow down two through ten.

That being said, I’ll start this year off with a different series of reviews. My top eleven favorite Pokémon! Why top eleven? Because I like to break the mold that’s why! That and darn it, I made a nice meme for it and realized too late that I included one slot too many.

Like all of my other reviews, for my favorite Pokémon, I shall focus on three aspects in particular. First, their PokéDex entries because, let’s face it, a few of them are more than a little frightening if not outright head scratching. Second, the strengths and weaknesses of the Pokémon be it type advantage, unique move-sets or even abilities both normal and hidden. Third, the method of finding and catching that particular Pokémon or, if it’s nothing unique, whatever contributions that Pokémon might have in the anime.

I will of course wrap up each review stating my own reasons as to why I chose that particular Pokémon and PokéBall of Choice. That is to say, what manner of PokéBall I find fitting to that particular Pokémon and not one that could, or even should, be used. Heck, I’ll even share the silly nicknames I tend to pick for that particular Pokémon and my reasons for naming them such.