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Japanese Name: Mikaruge
The Forbidden Pokémon
Pressure (Normal), Infiltrator (Hidden)
First Appearance:
My Top Nickname:
My Top
Pokéball: Dream Ball

Spiritomb, the Forbidden Pokémon, is one of two Ghost and Dark type Pokémon and was virtually without any type weaknesses to exploit up until the introduction of the Fairy types. Its Pokédex entries state that 108 spirits caused so much mischief and misdeeds 500 years ago that they were bound into a fissure of an Odd Keystone, which was in turn placed within the Hallowed Tower of Sinnoh.

Now, while the Pokédex entries don’t outright state whether those spirits were those of other Pokémon or humans, one can assume that it was the latter as quite a few ghost Pokémon, such as Yamask, are composed of human souls. There is also the number 108 to consider as that number turns up frequently with Spiritomb. Aside from that being the number of spirits that make up its body, Spiritomb also weighs 108.0 kilograms, its Defense and Special Defense base values are also 108, and it sits as the 108th Pokémon in the Sinnoh Pokédex.

As far as most Pokédex entries go, Spiritomb’s isn’t the absolute worse nor is it the best. The thing that makes it truly concerning is that the 108 spirits that compose Spiritomb’s body are likely the spirits that represent the 108 temptations of mankind. There is also the fact that Spiritomb was, essentially, imprisoned for close to 500 years for deeds that it had committed in the past, a sentence that likely drove it a slight bit batty given how its eyes, if they can be called that, are spirals of madness.

In its premiere game, Spiritomb was one of, if not the most, difficult Pokémon to find and catch. In Sinnoh, the player must not only have the Odd Keystone in their inventory but the player must also find and meet thirty-two other players in Sinnoh’s Underground. Of course, one could “cheat” in a sense by finding and speaking with the same player repeatedly by exiting and re-entering Sinnoh’s Underground. Upon reaching the appropriate number requirement, the player could then go to the Hallowed Tower and fight a level 25 Spiritomb.

Back in the that time however, Wi-Fi was quite as expansive as it is now and more to the point, it was darn near impossible to find even a single person to speak with in the vast labyrinth that was Sinnoh’s Underground. This leads me to my choice of Pokéball for Spiritomb, the Dream Ball.

While Unova’s Dream World allowed for one to find and catch Spiritomb on their own, the one and only time that I managed to attain a Spiritomb for myself strictly in-game was by trade with Yancy, my character’s… love interest I suppose. A first for any Pokémon game and one that I wouldn’t actually mind seeing implemented again in future games if they follow the tried and true method from the Mass Effect games. That is to say, allow one multiple options and paths because honestly, how many ships are their sailing for Ash Ketchum nowadays?

However, with the release of Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire one needs simply to explore the Sea Mauville to find and capture a Spiritomb of their very own. Admittedly in the most frightening way possible that reminds me far too much of a set-up from many a horror film but that’s neither here nor there.

Spiritomb, for all its possibilities of being a Ghost/Dark type is not overly powerful as far as being an attacker is concerned, particularly against those that aren’t actually weak to Ghost or Dark type attacks. If anything, Spiritomb serves best as a shield, standing strong against Pokémon whose moves, whilst powerful, are extremely low on the PP front. That’s not to say that Spiritomb doesn’t learn some pretty powerful attacks on its own though. With moves such as Ominous Wind, Dark Pulse, and Shadow Sneak, it is a Pokémon heavily geared towards wiping out anything even remotely weak to the Ghost and Dark types.

I chose Spiritomb as my eleventh favorite Pokémon because, for a time, it was one of the more difficult ones to catch in game without requiring trades or other some such nonsense. That and because in all honesty, the idea that it is a ghost made up of 108 spirits who were all jointly punished together and the result birthed an entirely new horror makes it a very terrifying ghost Pokémon in my eyes.

That’s actually one of the reasons I commonly choose the nickname of “Moros” for a Spiritomb as Moros is the son of Nyx, the Greek personification of the Night, and brother to the Morai, or the Fates as their commonly called. Whereas the sisters were designers of fate, Moros was in charge of destiny to such a degree that he is commonly referred as being far more powerful than even the likes of Zeus, the king of the Greek Pantheon.

While Spiritomb is certainly not the strongest of Pokémon, he is certainly a lord over the ghost types, under the crimson gaze of a certain dragon of course…