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Japanese Name:
The Valiant Pokémon
Keen Eye, Sheer Force (Normal), Defiant (Hidden)
First Appearance:
Black & White
My Top Nickname:
My Top
Pokéball: Timer Ball

Braviary, the Valiant Pokémon, is hands down my favorite of all the bird Pokémon with only Honchcrow being a close second due to it being… well a crow. According to the Pokédex, a Braviary will fight to defend its friends without any thought of itself. In point of fact, it is a sign of prowess among the Braviary to have quite the set of scars to go alongside their battle experience. They are named Soldiers of the Sky for this very reason but there is one other addition to the Pokédex that makes Braviary an astounding Pokémon, particular amongst the birds.

Braviary are strong enough to lift a car into the air.

Cars, particularly American cars around the year 2010 when Black & White first came out, weighed on average around 4,000 pounds. That’s about 1.8 metric tons. Braviary are generally speaking, are 4’11” tall and weigh about 90.4 pounds. I’m no mathematician but I believe I can sum it up in five simple words.

Holy Sugar Honey Iced Tea.

Another unique trait amongst Braviary is that they are one of the few male only species of Pokémon and their possible female breeding partner are the exact opposite in mentality. Though this isn’t that uncommon either considering that while Nidoking and Nidoqueen appear to be quite compatible with each other physically and mentally, I still can’t help but scratch my head at Tauros and Milktank…

In its premiere game, that being White as a exclusive version Pokémon, Braviary was one of the longest awaited Pokémon to attain, hence my choice of Timer Ball for it. Aside from evolving from a Rufflet at level 54, pretty high for any Pokémon never mind a bird, a Rufflet in White couldn’t be caught anywhere else but Route 11 or the Village Bridge.

Despite the low number, Route 11 was pretty close to being near the end of the game. Heck, when I challenged and beat the Unova Elite 4 the first time, my Rufflet was a few levels shy of evolving. In the sequel game, White 2, they make up for this by having a single Braviary sitting at Route 4 on Mondays. A Braviary with its hidden ability of Defiant might I add.

Speaking of their abilities, Braviary have, as of this post, three known abilities. Its first, and arguably most common ability, Keen Eye prevents any lowering of accuracy and nullifies any attempts at increasing evasion. Outside of battle, it has a rather unique quirk that, should Braviary be in the lead slot, grants a fifty percent chance of an encounter being no less than five levels lower than Braviary.

Sheer Force, as its name implies, raises the attack power by thirty percent but removes secondary effects as the cost. These secondary effects include altering the stats of the target or the user, and inflicting status conditions such as burn, paralyze, etc. Braviary’s hidden ability Defiant however, is the real cream of the crop. Defiant raises the attack power of Braviary by two stages for every lowered stat inflicted by the opponent Pokémon, making abilities such as Intimidate an actual benefit.

As I stated earlier, Braviary is my favorite amongst bird Pokémon and is my tenth favorite Pokémon overall not strictly because of its abilities and surprisingly well ranged attack capabilities, particularly with TMs. Braviary is my favorite amongst the birds because it is one of the few that looks every bit the tough as nails fighter it can be and… Well, I’m not ashamed to admit I feel more than a little patriotic pride in Braviary though I am sad to admit I didn’t make the Unova-America connection for a while…

That’s one of the reasons why most of my Braviary are given patriotic names with Lincoln being a particular favorite of mine and not because he was the cannot-tell-a-lie President. While the tales of his being a vampire slayer are entirely fictitious, his fighting prowess was not. In point of fact, Abraham Lincoln was quite the skilled wrestler in his time. How skilled?

During one of his first speeches, he saw a supporter in the crowd being attacked. Lincoln grabbed the assailant by the neck and seat of his pants and tossed him like a sack of potatoes. He then turned to the crowd and said, “Any of you want to try it, come on and whet your horns!”

Nobody stepped forward.

Braviary may not be Lords of the Sky, but they certainly earn the title of Soldiers.