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Japanese Name:
The Gleam Eyes Pokémon
Intimidate, Rivalry (Normal), Guts (Hidden)
First Appearance:
My Top Nickname:
My Top
Pokéball: Luxury Ball

Luxray, the Gleam Eyes Pokémon is one of my favorites of the pure Electric types strictly for the fact that it is one of the few non-Legendary that doesn’t look cute and cuddly. Yet, of the Electric type Pokémon, Luxray’s Pokédex entry is one of the strangest in that it is almost entirely disconnected. Unlike most Pokémon whose Pokédex entries consist of at least two different factoids, Luxray’s can be summed up in one simple sentence. When a Luxray’s eyes gleam gold, it can see through anything and generally uses this ability to hunt prey and keep track of its young.

As of the most current game ORAS, Luxray still does not learn any attacks that connect to this nor does it really possess any Abilities. Yes, it can be argued that watching a Pokémon’s eyes sudden shine gold can be rather intimidating but that’s only one of Luxray’s abilities and, honestly, the only useful one.

Rivalry only increases its attack power by 25% if the opponent is of the same gender and will lower it by the same percentage if the opponent is of the opposite gender. Guts may have a greater attack boost of 50% but that only comes into play when Luxray is suffering from a status condition such as paralysis or poison.

In Sinnoh, Luxray could not be caught in the wild but its earlier forms of Luxio or Shinx could be found fairly easily and surprisingly early on in the game with the latter at Route 202. Still, it doesn’t take long to evolve a Shinx as it becomes a Luxio at level 15 and a full Luxray at level 30.

A rather interesting trait amongst Luxray is that virtually all but two or three of its attacks have a hundred percent accuracy. This could tie into its so-called x-ray vision but seeing as attacks that lower accuracy still work and it doesn’t learn any sure-hit-moves… Its most powerful move, as of the time of this post, is the move Wild Charge, which is a slightly weaker version of Volt Tackle but no less devastating or dangerous.

As I stated earlier, Luxray is one of my favorite Electric types due firstly to its appearance and secondly to its high attack power. While there are certainly other devastating Electric types, mixed or Legendary, Luxray is one of the easiest to attain and train to its full potential.

Though if I were to be perfectly honest, I generally have an Electric Pokémon on my team strictly as an anti-Flying type weapon and for Luxray especially I had one as a… I believe the popular term is HM-Slave? Specifically the HM Strength but it is a fairly effective move to use in battle as well compared to the all but useless Cut

As many could guess, I generally name my Luxray Arthur if it’s male or Arturia if it’s female after the King of Camelot. Heck, it’s also one of the reasons I would use a Luxury Ball instead of the average Pokéball. Got to treat a Luxray like proper royalty after all because I don’t care how much more lion-like it looks, Pyroar is not the King of the Jungle in my book.