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Japanese Name:
The Jewel Pokémon
Clear Body (Normal) Magic Bounce (Mega Form)
First Appearance:
My Top Nickname:
My Top
Pokéball: Cherish Ball

Admittedly, when I heard that a new type of Pokémon was going to make its first appearance in X & Y, I was both elated and concerned. After all, this was not Generation II but Generation VI, four games and regions alike since the premiere of the Dark and Steel types. Whatever this new type was to be, there would have to be an explanation to how or why they had remained “undiscovered.” Then came the big reveal.


Two words and one letter immediately came to mind.

What. The. F…

Then, it got better when it was revealed that the Fairy-types were weak against Steel and Poison. I thought that it made quite a lot of sense and was even a good double entendre towards our own world. After all, wasn’t it because of the emergence of science that belief in fairies waned? As to poison… yeah, c’mon, let’s be honest, much as we are all doing our best to help the environment we’ve a long way to go until we’re in the clear.

Then I learned just what types that Fairies were strong against. Dark which makes sense, as fairies were often the light in the darkness, the good side of the world of magic and mysticism though still not entirely so by a human definition of the word. Fighting which is a bit of a stretch as fairies aren’t exactly renown for quelling fights or anything of the sort. Then there are the Dragon-types, which Fairy-types are not only incredibly strong against but are completely and utterly immune to.


… No, seriously, WHAT?


Weak to FAIRIES?

Are you kidding me?!

Even to this day I’m still sold on that idea and was more than a little displeased that little to no explanation was given as to the emergence of Fairy-types in X & Y. In point of fact, it wasn’t until ORAS that a vague explanation was given in the form of a subtle reveal that the events that transpired in the Kalos region long ago set off a sort of… Legend of Zelda effect insomuch that if AZ had never gone on to try and create that uber-weapon of destruction and death than Fairy-types, and by extension Mega Stones, would never have come to pass.

It certainly didn’t help that save for Xerneas, virtually all of the Fairy-types, be they purebreds or mixed-types, are all so freaking cutesy-wutesy that it’s frankly obscene to imagine the likes of them finishing off something like a Garchomp with ease.

So by now I’m sure a good number of you are wondering just why it is that a Diancie is my sixth favorite Pokémon. Well I can tell you with complete and utter honesty that I have absolutely no idea why it is that I like Diancie. Truth be told, when I first saw her (and yes I’m aware that as a Legendary Diancie are “genderless” but seeing as its Mega Form is often named “the Royal Pink Princess” that is a moot argument) I thought it was rather weird, especially for a Fairy-type.

Her Pokédex entry even drives the point home further when one considers that a Diancie is actually a bizarre mutation of a Carbink, a Pokémon that is essentially a living hunk of unprocessed jewels. Yet, there is one aspect of Diancie that make her an incredibly powerful Pokémon to have and to utilize both in battle and in a natural world setting.

Diancie can create diamonds out of the carbon in the air.

Holy Sugar Honey Iced Tea, people! Never mind the monetary potential that could be gained from having a Diancie, because honestly becoming super rich super quick only leads to trouble, but on the battle side of things, Diancie is arguably the most powerful of Fairy-types. In point of fact, as of this post, Diancie has the highest defense stat of Fairy-types (tied only with her fellow Carbink) and in her Mega Form she has the highest attack stat.

Her Ability in her regular form, Clear Body that makes her immune to status-changing attacks is pretty basic and not entirely unexpected given her being part Rock. Upon Mega Evolution however she gains the much more ideal Ability known simply as Magic Bounce, which, as its name might imply, literally bounces back any status-changing moves back upon the opponent. The only downside being that it can only be used once per turn.

Which makes it absolutely freaking hilarious that a Diancie only learns one Fairy-type move, Moonblast. She can be taught Dazzling Gleam but otherwise that’s it. Her signature move however is what really sells the deal on Diance. Aptly named as Diamond Storm, Diancie creates a literal hailstorm of diamonds that not only deal a severe Rock-type blow to her opponents, but it even has a 50% chance of lowering their defense stat.

Unfortunately, like a select few Legendary Pokémon, Diancie can only be attained in an event. Hence my choice of a Cherish Ball for her because really, what else is there for her? As to my choice of nickname… seriously, if you have to ask please for the love of literature go read up on some Shakespeare. There’s a reason why he’s called the greatest writer of the English language after all.

The last gift event for Diancie, as of this post, was geared towards X & Y but it is only in ORAS where one can attain her Mega Stone, a Diancite. Like all Mega Pokémon, Diancie’s appearance and power changes drastically and… yes, yes I think it was Mega Diancie that really sold me to her and got me to keep her as a member of my team in ORAS.

Whereas a regular Diancie looks… well, like a floating hunk of rock with a miniature body attached to the top of it, Mega Diancie… Looks well and truly like a fairy princess of diamonds. Would I go so far as to say that Mega Diancie is my favorite of the Mega Evolutions…? No, not quite but dang if she’s not amongst the top tier.

Hail to the Princess.