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Japanese Name:
The Despot Pokémon
Strong Jaw (Normal) Rock Head (Hidden)
First Appearance:
X & Y
My Top Nickname:
My Top
Pokéball: Repeat Ball

Tyrantrum. The Despot Pokémon, just one of several prehistoric Pokémon revived from ancient fossils into the modern world. Hands down Tyrantrum is now one of my all-time favorite Pokémon and will always have a slot on my main team. Why? Because it’s not just a freaking Dragon-type, but it’s a Tyrannosaurus Rex people!

According to its Pokédex entries, Tyrantrum’s jaws are powerful enough to rip through thick metal plates as though they were made of paper and that no Pokémon could contest against it in its self-imposed reign as king 100 million years ago.

Admittedly, its one possible adversary, Aurorus happens to live in an environment that Tyrantrum, as a species, would avoid like the plague but the other prehistoric Pokémon such as Rampardos and Bastiodon were easy pickings. In point of fact, Bastiodon would likely have been the chosen prey of Tyrantrum given their jaw strength makes them one of, if not the only, predators capable of actually eating them.

Despite appearances though, Tyrantrum’s strongest attribute is their defense stats as it is currently the highest of all non-Legendary Dragon-types. Kind of surprising given a Tyrantrum’s common Ability, Strong Jaws, gives an additional 50% damage increase to any attacks that involve biting such as Crunch or any of the elemental fang attacks. Elemental fang attacks that it can only learn via breeding but that’s still quite a plus in my book considering the versatility of said attacks.

Its Hidden Ability, Rock Head, is the real breadwinner however because that Ability prevents any sort of recoil damage to Tyrantrum. Considering that Tyrantrum’s strongest naturally learned attack, Head Smash, has recoil damage equal to half that of the sum total done on the opponent, that is quite a blessing.

Tyrantrum can only be attained via a fossil aptly named as the Jaw Fossil that, once revived, will rejuvenate into a Tyrunt. A Tyrunt will first have to reach level 39 under the shining light of the sun in order for it to evolve into a Tyrantrum. Rather odd really as no other Fossil Pokémon, as they’re commonly referred to, has any such distinction and especially when one considers that neither Tyrantrum nor its polar opposite Aurorus learn any moves pertaining to those times of day.

As to my choice of Repeat Ball and name for my Tyrantrum, there’s a bit of a story behind that… See, a friend of mine happens to be an actual Pokémon Master. I say this because he has lots of Shiny Pokémon that he’s either caught himself through hordes, fishing, or even straight out trading. How much do I mean with “lots?” I’m fairly certain he’s a few short of the triple digit range.

Naturally, when faced with such a challenge I thought to try my hand at attaining at least one Shiny of my own in the only surefire way that I could; the Masuda Method. Otherwise known as the endless eggs dilemma wherein one simply breeds a pair of Pokémon together with one of the pair happening to be from well outside their home region. I was lucky enough to attain a Japanese Ditto and managed to complete the National Pokédex to attain both the Oval and Shiny Charms before beginning this arduous task.

So it was after well over 3,000+ eggs that I at long last attained the rare and coveted…

Shiny Charmander.

This done, I thought to myself, hey, ORAS is coming out in a few months, why not breed some of my favorite Pokémon to trade into the game so I can have my all star team straight from the get-go? So I went to breed my Tyrantrum and deciding to try for a female, because why not, I got five eggs and went to hatch them.

Just to get a freaking Shiny Tyrunt on the third egg.

I swear, on any and all things draconic, I am not making this up. I got a freaking shiny Tyrunt without even trying for it. Thus, my choice of a Repeat Ball because, even if I didn’t intend for a Shiny Tyrunt, I still went through enough eggs that I’m certain all of Kalos would be overrun by whole hordes of Charmanders by now. As to my choice of nickname… well… it’s like this: My Tyrantrum is the king of rockslide and roar and totally stomping it out in his blue suede scales.

Hail to the king, baby!