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Japanese Name:
The Formidable Pokémon
Torrent (Normal) Shell Armor (Hidden)
First Appearance:
Black & White
My Top Nickname:
My Top
Pokéball: Dive Ball

I’ll be honest, when Black & White was first mentioned I was absolutely ecstatic up until I saw what the starters looked like, specifically Oshawott. I, like countless others, was disturbed by the little water Pokémon’s bizarre appearance and cringed at the idea of what such a creature would eventually evolve into.

When they revealed the secondary stage I thought that it was a lean towards the right direction but still rather silly looking overall. I mean, using scallops, or as they’re actually called scalchops, as weapons? Admittedly, not the weirdest of weapon choices in Pokémon, and yes I’m speaking of Mewtwo from Pokémon Adventures, but really?

Then, I saw Samurott, the Formidable Pokémon.

Holy Sugar Honey Iced Tea! A seal wearing armor and dual freaking wielding a pair of swords?! Oh my Arceus, yes! Yes, I wanted it as my starter and, for the most part, my chief water type on my primary battle team ever since.

According to the Pokédex, a Samurott can unsheathe its swords, or seamitars as they’re properly named, in the blink of an eye and fell their opponents with a single swipe. They are also known for quieting rowdy Pokémon with but a single glare of their eyes, which doesn’t make much sense as it nor its pre-evolutions learn Glare at all.

Of the many water starters, Samurott is overall, quite basic in terms of capabilities in and outside of battle. It doesn’t have the advantage against electrics like a Swampert and it doesn’t deal out damage like a Feraligatr, but it is surprisingly versatile in moves that it can learn naturaly or through TMS. I mean, it can learn freaking Megahorn, one of the most powerful of Bug-type moves, via a heartscale! Heck, it can also learn Aerial Ace, Dragon Tail, and X-Scissor, just to name a few. Yet, the one move that could almost be named as Samurott’s signature move if it wasn’t shared with a select few other Pokémon is the attack Razor Shell.

While its prior evolutions utilize this through a pair of scalchops on their chest and hips respectively, a Samurott performs this attack through the use of its seamitars, a pair of sea-shell made blades stored in its anterior armor segments. Which, admittedly, I have no idea how it pulls them in and out considering that the seamitars are longer than the actual forelimbs in question.

Razor Shell is not the most powerful of water-type moves but it is still one of the few physical water-type attacks that a Samurott can learn alongside such moves as Aqua Jet and Aqua Tail. Speaking of, what it is with Samurott being able to learn that and Dragon Tail? I mean, no offense, but as far as tails go, a Samurott’s isn’t that big and is more akin to a fin.

One must first attain an Oshawott and level it up to its second evolution form Dewott before it can evolve into a Samurott at level 36. Oshawott is one of the starters in Unova but it can be attained in Hoenn upon completion of the “Delta Episode” or, as I like to call it, “What the Heck is Happening Episode?!” Seriously, there was so much lore and things spiraling further and further out of control I had half a mind to shut off the game and start the episode over with a notebook to keep track of everything!

As to my choice of a Dive Ball versus the traditional PokéBall… Well, I like to think that the specialized PokéBalls create something of an interior environment more suited to the captured Pokémon. That and gosh darn it all, I’m sick of seeing a quintet of Ultra Balls and one solitary PokéBall whenever I go to a PokéCenter.

On to my choice of name for a Samurott… I’m sure a good many of you have heard  of Musashi, particularly if you’ve ever read The Book of Five Rings, one of the oldest and most read book of strategy, tactics, and philosophy to still be used in modern warfare today. Miyamoto Musashi was not only the writer of that book but a swordsman who is also renowned for his skills and (in)famous duels.

One such duel tells the tale of how he met with an opponent by way of the traveling on a small boat and killed him with one fell stroke. This in itself wouldn’t be all that surprising if it weren’t for the fact that Musashi had used an oar that he had carved into a bokken -a wooden sword essentially- on the way to the duel itself.

Samurott may not be the most powerful of Water-type Pokémon and certainly not amongst the starters, but it is one of the few Pokémon that can well and truly be called a knight of the sword.