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The Flame Pokémon
Tough Claws
Mega Stone:
Charizardite X
First Appearance:
X & Y
My Top Nickname:
Ancalagon, Balerion, etc.
My Top
Pokéball: Premiere Ball

Is it really any surprise that this Pokémon is tied for first in my top ten favorite Pokémon overall? I even went so far as to include Ash’s Charizard from the anime amongst my top ten favorite dragons ranking at number two after Draco from Dragonheart. Still, as I had accounted Charizard as amongst my top ten favorite dragons, allow me to be a bit more specific in stating that amongst all of the Mega Evolutions, Mega Charizard X is my favorite of them all.

For those who haven’t read my original review of Charizard, allow me to briefly go over one particular tidbit from the Pokédex. Regular Charizards have been known to have enough firepower to melt boulders and can even melt ice glaciers weighing over 10,000 tons. In order to do that, a regular Charizard’s flame must be able to reach an excess of 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit.

In Mega Evolution standards, a Mega Charizard X’s flames would be close to, if not exceeding, 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

This of course comes from the idea that an atypical Charizard’s flames would have the same consistency of fire produced from charcoal, an oft held item of Fire-types to boost their similarly based attacks, which can reach around 1,200 degrees. As a normal Charizard is capable of increasing the output to 2,100 degrees, one can assume that a similar percentage can be attributed towards a Mega Charizard X’s fire, which likely has properties similar to propane blowtorches due to its blue coloration.

Ironically enough though, a Mega Charizard X’s greatest strength is not in its flames but in its claws, or more specifically its Tough Claws. This Ability, as its name might imply, strengthens any physical attacks by 33%. Without the aid of TMs, HMs, breeding, or even Move Tutors, a Mega Charizard X can learn eight different physical attacks with the absolute strongest being Flare Blitz that deals out recoil damage 1/3 that of the sum total dealt to the opponent.

As of this post, one can only attain a Charizard by means of evolving a Charmander to Charmeleon at level 16 and to a Charizard proper at level 36. In the Kalos, one can choose a Charmander after wiping the floor with—er, I mean, beating Professor Sycamore. As to the Mega Stone, Charizardite X, it can only be attained in the X version of the game from Professor Sycamore or the Stone Emporium. It can be found in ORAS Hoenn on the Fiery Path but only after Primal Kyogre or Primal Groudon are defeated.

In regards to my choice of a Premiere Ball for Mega Charizard X, I admit to having been initially disappointed with the aspect of Mega Evolutions as a whole. To me, it sounded too much like a try at something like in the Digimon franchise, specifically the Armor Digivolutions of Digimon 02, but the moment I saw Mega Charizard X such thoughts were thrown promptly out the window. Finally, after long last, the dreams and hopes of many had been answered and Charizard, the first true draconic Pokémon, was given its long overdue Dragon-type.

This leads me to my choice of names for a Charizard. Generally speaking, I like to name my Charizards after actual dragons but try and break away from the more recognizable/common ones. In the case of Ancalagon (from Kalos) and Balerion (my little Shiny whom I promptly traded into ORAS Hoenn), there are both named after the largest dragons in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and A Song of Ice & Fire series respectively. Both dragons were said to not only be the most powerful of their kind but also amongst the largest and closest to being living natural disasters that few could stand against. Heck, in the case of Balerion, what ended up killing him was old age.

Mega Charizard X may not be a pure Dragon-type amongst Pokémon kind, but it will always be the pinnacle that all Dragon-types should strive to reach if they hope to share the same renown.