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The Continent Pokémon
Desolate Land
Primal Stone:
Red Orb
First Appearance:
Omega Ruby
My Top Nickname:
My Top
Pokéball: Master Ball

Legendary Pokémon. According to the surprisingly extensive Bulbapedia, they are a specific group of Pokémon that are exceptionally rare, incredibly powerful, and often regarded in various myths and legends in the Pokémon World. For me though it’s not just how rare or even how powerful a Legendary Pokémon is but what manner of feats and/or accomplishments it has done to rightfully earn such a title in the first place.

Of the many Legendary Pokémon in the games, Groudon the Continent Pokémon is not the most powerful in terms of prowess and ability whence compared to the likes of the Creation Trio or Mortality Duo, but his feats cannot be denied.

Groudon created the land, from the highest mountain peak to the lowest valley, and he can just as easily destroy it all intentionally or not. For though it has been shown in the anime that many a Legendary Pokémon can quarrel with one another, particularly those of their own groups, it is only Groudon and his sibling of the depths Kyogre that do so in the games to such an extreme that they and they alone run the risk of destroying all human life in the process.

Of course, this is when one only takes into account Groudon when he has not undergone Primal Reversion and reached the absolute pinnacle of his power. Primal Groudon has been said to create the landmasses and cause magma to flow with but a single step and its normal Ability of Drought is taken to an entirely new extreme in the form of Desolate Land.

Desolate Land makes any and all Water-type attacks evaporate from an intense heat that lasts so long as Primal Groudon is out on the field. Let’s take a moment to analyze that for a moment shall we? The temperature necessary for water to boil into steam is 210 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, for water of a significant volume to completely evaporate in an instant, the ambient temperature around Primal Groudon would have to be between 1300 to 2400 degrees Fahrenheit. This is based entirely upon the fact that Primal Groudon’s body is literally awash with molten magma beneath its armor plating.

Groudon is a version exclusive Pokémon especially unique to the original Ruby and Omega Ruby games wherein he plays a pivotal role to the plot by way of the machinations of Team Magma and their leader Maxie. Team Magma’s sole goal is to increase the landmasses but for whom depends on the game.

In the original game, it was for the betterment of both human and Pokémon-kind but in Omega Ruby, their goal is solely for humanity. Unfortunately, as previously stated before, Groudon alone runs the risk of destroying the world even more than if Kyogre should happen to awaken and these two titans begin their primordial clash once more.

For while Kyogre, both Primal and normal, runs the risk of flooding the entire world in endless rain, those that dwell beneath the ocean waves still have a chance of survival but Groudon, particularly Primal Groudon? The entire world would burn underneath the endless glare of an unforgiving sun as the oceans boil and plants start to die.

So needless to say, it is this reason alone why I think a Master Ball is the best choice in capturing Groudon. Not for the fact that he can’t be captured with other Pokéballs, but can you really say that anything less would be capable of containing his power and limiting it down to be “safe” for battling?

On his own, Groudon was capable of burning the world to ash and Primal Reversion only hastened the inevitable end but upon capture, or defeat as the old legends say, Primal Groudon releases all of the natural energies it absorbed back into the world several times over. He can still undergo Primal Reversion if holding a Red Orb and immediately does so upon entering the battlefield but his Desolate Land is localized upon the battlefield rather than the entire world.


Heck if I know but I’m certainly not complaining! Sure, Primal Groudon has a 4x weakness against Water-type attacks thanks to its conversion into a Ground/Fire-type but with Desolate Land, those attacks become null and void so long as no other Abilities such as Delta Stream or Primordial Sea follow in his wake. That and the flipping Hidden Ability known as Cloud Nine unique to Psyduck and Golduck but that’s neither here nor there! With Omega Ruby, Groudon gains a signature attack known as Precipice Blades, the strongest Ground-type attack in the entirety of the Pokémon franchise.

This attack… Sweet Arceus, how do I describe it? There is just something amazing with the way it is portrayed in the game. There are few attacks that I could call a killer move but Precipice Blades is definitely at the top of that list. Though it does have a low accuracy of 85%, I’ve yet to see it fail to hit an opponent and not knock them out instantly save for those with Abilities such as Sturdy or using moves like Endure.

Groudon, on his own, is an impressive sight to behold but to me, Primal Groudon is the true Continent Pokémon and displays his power with primordial savagery. He may have had a claw in helping shape the Pokémon World, but Primal Groudon can just as easily destroy it with his mere existence.