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Seeing as the month of February is right around the corner and I’m still at my wit’s end towards my all-time favorite villains, my next top favorites list shall be about something I’ve been rather discrete about for some time. For you see my dear readers, I am in something of a romantic. I’m even a bit of a casual shipper insomuch that I am a fan of pairings that are otherwise not that common or canon. As February is the month of love with Saint Valentine’s Day across most of the world, I shall count down my personal top ten favorite couples and, like before and after, there are a few rules to my reviews.

First and foremost, these reviews like all others past and future are of my own opinion and as such are not absolute. The pairings that I like may not be the ones that you like but I’m not going to be rude about my reasons as to why I like these particularly paramour pairings. I will keep focus on certain aspects depending on whether the couples are canon, fanon, and/or even cracked.

For canon, I shall speak of the evidence that is provided in the series that hints or makes obvious the pairing and, if need be, my own personal interpretations as to whether those moments hint towards love or not.

For fanon, pairings that are otherwise not officially made canon or were so for a time, I shall speak of the hints that I saw for myself and/or the general consensus as to why such a pairing is more popular than the canon one.

As to cracked… Oh boy, cracked… By its definition on an aptly named Urban Dictionary, a cracked pairing is one that either is completely impossible to occur, such as the previously stated Jack Frost and Elsa with the both of them being in two separate worlds/stories, or are created for the sake of the hilarity that often ensues. For those few pairings that I like that fall under this category I will of course speak of why there are considered such alongside my reasons why I think such a pairing could work.