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Main Media:
Fan Works (Art, Fanfiction, AMVs)
Shipping Type:
Cracked (Fanon)
Commonly Found In: Youtube, DeviantArt, & Fanfiction.net

To this day, I still don’t know precisely when, where, or how this pairing became as popular as it is. Well, it is no Jack Frost x Elsa but it is one of the more popular in-Disney crossover pairings to be found amongst fans. In point of fact, on Fanfiction.net there are well over a hundred different crossover stories written, with the closest second (that being Peter Pan surprisingly enough) having less than a mediocre thirty.

Now, while this is one of the mildly cracked pairings that I like that could be made into a semblance of sense, given Disney has a long standing history of interconnecting their films together through minor or blatant cameos, it is still not out that it is at all possible to happen in any fashion. For one thing, unlike the original story of The Little Mermaid, Ariel does receive her happy ending in the form of marrying the prince, Eric, and another…

To those who’ve never seen or heard of it, the film that Disney’s Jim Hawkins is from is actually a space adventure film entitled Treasure Planet and while no set date is given as to the year, one can assume that it at least takes place in a galaxy far, far away. Yet, despite this obvious distance between the two of them, many a shipper has these two paired up by means of creating a AU, or alternate universe, in the sense of changing Ariel’s story entirely or, more commonly, inserting Jim right in the middle of things as a sort of “training trip gone wrong” in regards to the Academy he attends at his film’s end.


However, if such events did transpire and Ariel happened to either meets Jim before or even during her trail into gaining Eric’s affections, I sincerely think that she would have chosen Jim over Eric. The two of them, out of the many Disney characters out there, are one of the truest forms of teenagers seen in animation. True, Ariel is often given some harsh criticism in falling in love with someone she hasn’t met and all but throwing her life and family away in her pursuit of him but can anyone say that such a thing hasn’t occurred long before and will continue way after?

In Jim’s case, he’s the teen with the chip in his shoulder that feels that he can’t afford to get close to anyone lest he be hurt as he had been once before when his father abandoned him and his mother. That and, much to my own dismay, the film Treasure Planet is one that did not receive the hype that it rightfully earned by breaking new grounds in animation and storytelling.

Anyway, back to my main point—and yes I do have one bare with me here— the thing about Ariel is that she first and foremost wants to learn everything and anything that she can. For Jim, he wants to open his heart to someone and not be hurt again as he had been by his father and, however briefly, by Silver. True, that’s leaning more towards a father figure, which he did eventually receive in the end, but he doesn’t really go out of his way to be close to anyone else, even to those whom knew him growing up.

Still, as it stands, the only way to enjoy this pairing is by way of fan created works from illustrations to stories to music videos. Actually, on that note, what I find particularly interesting is that a number of AMV (animated music videos) makers tend to have their first meeting be the scene where Ariel peeks aboard a human ship and rather than becoming enamored with Eric, she spots Jim mopping the deck. Continuing on the note of music videos, while I can’t say that I know the exact number of them, as videos tend to come and go on Youtube either willingly or otherwise by their creators, I can say that there are a lot of them.

Don’t believe me? Here’s just one playlist that I found which contains over a hundred different AMVs featuring this pairing in one form or another.

In fact, it is because of these numerous videos that the biggest contributor to this pairing, a Miss Victoria Beasley or as she’s more commonly recognized as iesnoth both on DeviantArt and Fanfiction.net, was inspired to create many beautiful works of art that feature this pair and has even gone so far as to write the best fanfiction of the pairing that I’ve found to date. It is actually through her marvelous illustrations that I became aware of the pairing in the first place and, well, curiosity led me down the rabbit hole as it were.