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The Seven Deadly Sins (Manga/Anime)
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Primary Moment:
Side Story II: The Fairy King Who Never Came
Secondary Moments: Scattered Throughout

I can count on one hand the number of pairings from a manga series that I read that actually came to fruition in the manga itself and that’s including those few romantic comedies such as Love Hina. More to the point, it is even rarer for said coupling to come to be as the story progresses rather than strictly at the end and almost out of nowhere, such as it was for Naruto despite some major pairing moments prior to the finale. That is one of the main reasons why I like this couple so much not just because of the open possibility of further romance as the story continues, as the manga itself has shown no sign of coming to an end anytime soon, but also because…

Well… A little backstory first then on to the second reason as to why I like this pairing so much.

For those who’ve never read the manga, The Seven Deadly Sins is about a group of knights, the titular group entitled as the Seven Deadly Sins whom were framed for a plot to overthrow the Liones Kingdom of Brittania. In the decade following this event, the Holy Knights staged a coup d’état and took control of the kingdom leaving the youngest princess of the captured, and likely dead, king Elizabeth to find the Seven Deadly Sins to enlist their aid in taking back the kingdom.

The manga is nothing short of brilliant and is, essentially, the European equivalent to Naruto insomuch that whereas Naruto had a lot of nods and acknowledgements towards popular and obscure Japanese myths and legends, The Seven Deadly Sins draws all of its focus from European folklore. Such is also the case for Diane and King insomuch that the two of them are members of races that are more commonly recognized in the Western world than in the East.

As was mildly obvious in the above artwork, Diane is a member of the Giants’ Clan whereas King is one of the Fairy Clan, their king to be specific. Yep. A giant and a fairy in love, and I bet a good many of you thought the strangest cross-species pairing you’d ever hear about was a half-human vampire child and an adult werewolf.

For those who know exactly what I’m talking about you have my condolences and to those that don’t, consider yourselves lucky and spare yourselves the agonies that those of us in the know endured and move on with your sanity intact.

I should mention that though King is, or rather was, the king of the Fairy Clan, having once been named as Fairy King Harlequin, he and his people aren’t of the atypical fairy imagery. That is to say, King, for all appearances, looks like a normal teenaged boy despite being over a thousand years old. His abilities, at least those demonstrated thus far in the manga, include altering his appearance and levitation both of himself and objects at incredible speeds. Despite this, King is one of the physically weakest of the Seven Deadly Sins and utilizes his levitation abilities alongside his sacred treasure, Chastiefol the Spirit Spear, to fight.

His sin is that of Sloth and his totemic animal is that of the Bear because of his aforementioned physical weakness, which often leaves him prone to taking naps in midair and tiring quite easily, and because of one particularly interesting characteristic of King. He is protective of those he loves and cares about to a point that he will lay waste to anyone and anything that dares harm those precious to him. Hearing the slightest rumor that one of his fellow knights, Ban, had been the cause of his sister’s death, King proceeded to kill Ban several times in the most brutal of fashions because of the man’s nigh-immortal constitution before opting to turn him to stone.

They have since made up over that little debacle but that’s neither here nor there.

As a member of the Giants’ Clan, Diane stands at roughly thirty feet tall and, like King, is a little over seven hundred years old. Whether she’s in her true form or having been shrunk down to human scale, Diane is incredibly powerful with raw physical might but her greatest strength lies in the abilities unique to her people. Known simply as “Creation,” this ability allows Diane to manipulate anything and everything remotely connected to earth from creating golems equal to her own size, if not bigger, to creating pillars of stone with but a slap of a hand. If she is armed with his sacred treasure, Gideon, a war hammer that was created specifically for her people, she can literally lift whole mountains into the sky

Her sin is that of Envy and her totemic animal is the serpent. In the case of her Sin it is because… well, frankly, Diane is envious of a lot of things that humans have and are capable of doing, especially a certain ceremony known as marriage. As to her totemic animal being a serpent… well aside from that being the animal commonly attributed to it because of envy often involving cunning and underhandedness to achieve that which the envious covet, but I don’t think that’s the case for Diane. Much like how King is as protective as a bear to those whom he loves and cares about, once Diane has something, or someone, in her metaphorical grasp she’ll never let them go. If she has any one fear in particular it is of being alone.

In point of fact, that’s precisely the wish she got from King when he promised her that she could ask anything she wanted of him so long as she caught him during another one of their games back when Diane was but a child and King… I think was also a child at the time and quite amnesiac to boot. Her exact words were to King, following an explanation as to what marriage was and what it meant to humans; was for King to always love her. Unfortunately, King’s memories came back to him following this and knowing that Diane would suffer if he simply left her alone despite having good reasons and her own blessing to do so, he instead sealed away all of her memories of him and the decades they spent together as children without a care in the world.

Through fate or destiny, the two would eventually reunite in the order of knights known as the Seven Deadly Sins. Unfortunately though, Diane had developed a crush over the captain of the knights, Meliodas, and King was under disguise as a rather slovenly looking fellow at the time. Despite this, the two remained quite close and though Diane was blind to King’s affections for her, the other knights, most notably Ban, was not.

Thankfully, Diane’s memories of her past with King have been miraculously restored and her love for him returned in full to such a point that I’m not certain if she’ll kiss him or slap him silly when he eventually comes back from his self-imposed crusade with Ban.

One of the main reasons that I enjoy this pairing so much is because it plays to the atypical trope of guy with obvious crush and girl who remains oblivious but on a vastly different scale and I don’t mean just their heights and race though that is also another considerable factor. Most tropes of this type make it painfully obvious that the guy is so in love with the girl that someone ought to either give her a pair of glasses so that she can see the signs better or construct a neon sign stating the obvious for the oblivious. Such is not the case for Diane and King though as any notable moment wherein King reveals his love of Diane, she’s never actually around to take notice of it or is otherwise well and truly distracted by more serious, and often fatal, matters at hand.

Do you know how many times I’ve had to face palm over this pairing in the entirety of its run? Once. For that equally noble and selfish move on King’s part in erasing Diane’s memories of him and their time together as kids. I admit, I thought the two of them are rather humorous to watch as adults but as kids? I nearly busted a gut laughing when a human commented on the two of them being lovebirds and while Diane was childishly clueless to the term, King looked about two shades shy of full tomato red.

At the time of this post, neither of the two have full out confessed their true feelings to each other in person though they are both now, thankfully, well aware of them thus I can’t say how they’ll act as a couple but I can speculate given their past behaviors. Honestly, I think that it will turn out to be something of a tennis match between the two of them as to who can fluster the other one more as Diane can be both surprisingly shyly demure and overly affectionate. King, on the other hand, is… well, he’s the most levelheaded of the Sins but when it comes to Diane… he turns red just at the thought of her smiling at him. I imagine her kissing him would either cause him to faint or shoot up into the sky like a rocket.

I’ll bet good money on King cracking first.