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Main Media:
Fan Art
Ship Name:
Shipping Type:
Cracked (Fanon)
Commonly Found In: DeviantArt, & Tumblr
Major Fanon Found In:
Awoken From Murky Waters (Tumblr)

This is by far the strangest of crack pairings that I am not only aware of but actually enjoy strictly, and almost entirely because, of artworks produced by brilliant artists such as Matt Frank, or KaijuSamurai as he is called on DeviantArt, and Danielle (QuixoticOperator). In point of fact, while it was the former who first introduced me to the concept with the artwork posted above, it was the latter that cultivated it into a strong source of fanon amongst Godzilla fans.

Like most crack pairings, this one has little hope of ever being achieved in any of the main media that is the Godzilla franchise whether it is the actual films, books, or comics. In point of fact, it has been a long since established trope amongst the Godzilla films that Godzilla and Mothra would come to blows rather than cooperating with each other. It also doesn’t help that the franchise itself is fluid as water with the only constant being Godzilla’s fathomless rage and Mothra’s boundless love be it to their fellow kaiju or mankind as a whole.

In point of fact, that’s often the “starting point” of this pairing for most fans in the regard that it is Mothra whom tries to quell Godzilla’s fury not by fighting him and laying some serious smack down upon him, but by accepting him for who he is and trying to steer him into letting his rage go or even repurposing it to something beneficial to him and the world. It is this strange form of companionship that is displayed heavily in the one major source of fanon, Awoken From Murky Waters.

A tumblr created by QuixoticOperator that originally began, and continues still, to be a form of Q&A between people and “Godzilla” by means of translation via the Shobijin, Mothra’s fairy helpers, and Doctor Serizawa who has managed to… not really corral Godzilla but locate and study him on an island chain that the King of Monsters has come to call home alongside other kaiju. Most of the answers are given in either wonderful illustrations or epic comic strips that truly show off QuixoticOperator’s artistic talents especially considering the fact that she is basing this Godzilla on the one from Legendary Pictures and has also gone so far as to design “Legendary” versions of Godzilla’s allies and enemies, Mothra included.

In AFMW, Godzilla and Mothra initially had a sort of… love-hate relationship insomuch that, at first, whenever Godzilla woke up she’d be there to try and compel him back into the ocean whether or not he intended harm to anyone, human or kaiju. That quickly changed when Mothra saw that for all the hatred and fury that radiated from Godzilla’s heart, the source of it was an overwhelming sadness that stemmed mostly from loneliness. She took him under her wing to try and persuade him to see the world in a different light. To try and alter his purpose of his being and he, quite quickly, grew attached to her kind and forgiving nature and so did she in turn.

Unfortunately it is as I said, a cracked pairing and one that would never come to pass even in the remotest sense in canon. For while Godzilla and Mothra may ally themselves together against a common threat or foe there are, frankly speaking, too many discrepancies in their respected characters. It is arguable as to the exact intelligence of Godzilla and Mothra in any particular film, both displaying a cognitive reasoning that borders on actual sentience but are just as often shown to be nothing more than enormously powerful animals as well.

There is also the account that Godzilla and Mothra are not only a separate species but are likely of two entirely different lifespans. Whereas Godzilla is nigh immortal in the sense that little on this Earth can in fact kill him never mind seriously injuring him, he can still die of old age, something that actually does occur in canon. Of course, by “old age” I mean Godzilla’s nuclear heart going into a radioactive meltdown but that’s neither here nor there.

Mothra on the other hand is immortal in the sense that while she has a death count that is unmatched amongst kaiju, she is always survived by her offspring whom take on her name and purpose in the world. It is a common speculation that this is a strange form of reincarnation rather like that of the phoenix. This is made especially obvious in Mothra’s trilogy of films during the Heisei Era wherein we see her producing an egg from the energies of her own soul.

Still, despite all the odds that are stacked against them, I ship the two of them together simply for the fact that Godzilla and Mothra just seem to… I don’t know click maybe? It well and truly is a pairing that I can’t truly find the appropriate words. I suppose one has to be a Godzilla fan to even get an inkling of where I’m coming from with this but I suppose… Yes, I suppose it’s because the two of them could conceivably get along with one another that I enjoy this ship so much. It is not a pairing born from love or admiration but of mutual respect towards their respected strengths and differences, physical or otherwise.

That and blast it, QuxoticOperator just keeps getting me with these wonderful pictures!