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Main Media:
Fan Works (Art, Fanfiction, AMVs)
Shipping Type:
Cracked (Fanon)
Ship Name: Mericcup
Commonly Found In:
Youtube, DeviantArt, & Fanfiction.net
Major Fanon Written By:
LJ9 (Fanfiction.net Author)

While this is not my all-time favorite shipping, I will admit that it is the first true cracked pairing I had discovered and actually liked wherein the couple resides in two entirely separate worlds but could, feasibly, be brought together in the works of fans across the world.

Though it can be argued as to which of them came first as far as founding members are concerned, Merida and Hiccup are easily the most commonly paired members of the “Big Four.” At the time of this post, there are a little over 450 crossover stories written between Brave and How To Train Your Dragon on Fanfiction.net alone. As I’m sure a great many people are already aware of both Merida of the Clan DunBroch and Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III of the Hooligan Tribe of Vikings, I shan’t speak too much on either of their respected histories but I shall speak as to how these two have likely ended up as a pairing.

In truth, I firmly believe that most of the fault lies almost entirely upon Merida’s film, or rather, the things that are casually mentioned throughout that most don’t immediately pick up on. Those being the mentioning of the Vikings having helped unite the four clans together as a whole kingdom once more and that her father, King Fergus, has been known for telling a few tall tales of dragons and the like. While these were the logs that laid down the foundation of the fires that it is this shipping, what I think really cinches the deal for most is just how many different tropes that Merida and Hiccup both break in their respected films.

In Hiccup’s case, he is a kindhearted genius surrounded by people renown for their physical strength and viciousness. He is also one of, if not the first, major film character aimed towards younger audiences that becomes crippled rather than starting out as one from the start. Even in the film’s sequel, he still remains the same as he had been in the first film insomuch that he lets his heart guide him rather than his brain, especially at times when he really ought to listen to the often ignored voice of common sense.

For Merida, she broke almost every single trope commonly associated with the Disney Princesses. She doesn’t have a “I Want” song and actually doesn’t really sing at all save for a brief flashback wherein her mother sings her a soothing song and she joins in for a lyric or two. She doesn’t have an animal sidekick beyond her horse Angus whose role is that of being her noble, and frankly rather awesome looking, steed.

True, it can be argued that her mother and brothers, all afflicted by the curse to become bears, could fall under this category but seeing as they still acted human but could not be understood, as Merida delightfully reminded her mother every now and again, that’s a moot point. Last, and certainly not least, Merida ends her film without any prince to sweep her off her feet. Yes, she has potential suitors from the other three clans but even that is an incredible rarity in and of itself.

Most works that I’ve found that pair these two together, whether they be animated music videos, fanficiton, or even snippets of art, the two of them have something of a Romeo and Juliet type of relation without the tragedy. I say this insomuch that while they may occasional (or frequently) butt heads every now and again, both being equally headstrong in their own manner, it is often their parents that are the major sources of conflict in their romance. Of course, that’s just one common theme amongst several too numerous to count.

Still, if I had to narrow down my choice, I’d say it is the works of LJ9 of Fanfiction.net that has one of the best tales of this shipping. In point of fact, I heavily recommend not one but two of her stories; A Distant Star, A Burning Sun and Stórmerki, Undur. These two stories are companion pieces to one another and, essentially, tell the same story through the eyes of Hiccup and Merida respectively. I especially like these stories because they take into account the fact that neither Hiccup or Merida speak the same language, a fact that generally escapes most, and yet they still somehow manage to create a bond that stands against all odds.