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Main Media:
Marvel Comics, Fan Works
Shipping Type:
Canon (Fanon)
Dimension: Earth-1610 (Ultimate)
Ship Name:
Primary Moments:
Ultimate Spider-Man Annual 01, Issue 91

Oh boy… Where do I even begin with this…? Well, first off, let me start by saying that I will forever and always ship Peter with Mary Jane strictly because theirs was the relationship that no other superhero had yet to truly have bar Lois and Clark. However, at the time of this entry, the events of that travesty known simply as “One More Day” remain and though there is a strong hope for a possible fix to this, it is still too early for anything beyond speculation and hope beyond hope. However… even with Mary Jane as the best mundane partner, insomuch that she has no superpowers or abilities to call her own, there are many candidates that Spider-Man has had, in canon or otherwise, that could almost be her better for the added benefit of being able to save and protect Peter in and out of the costume.

Of those candidates, I admit that, for a time, I was torn as to who I could choose because, as of now, there was really only one girl that not only kept a strong relationship with Peter to the end but had him openly being selfish about it. As in, she presented him the chance to walk away, to forget about her and the troubles she inadvertently lay upon his lap, but he said no and even had a good line about how his spider-sense was warning him of how utterly bad it was to simply let her walk away.

Unfortunately, one Sophia Sanduval, otherwise known as “Chat” to her friends and enemies alike, is a mutant whose run in the mainstream comics is currently set in the role of being a bit player to the bit players if even that much. While easily one of my favorite relationships that Spider-Man “officially” had (as again this takes place outside of the mainstream Marvel universe and in one of the “child friendly” worlds known as Marvel Adventures), there are other, surprisingly popular choices.

Like Twilight Sparkle of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Nope. I kid you not, thanks to the solitary fanfiction of a auspicious writer, this pairing is not only amongst the top on most peoples’ Cracked Pairings List but has actually garnered something of a cult following with all manner of fan art to be found. Don’t believe me? Look up a character named “Spider-Mane” and tell me otherwise.

This left me with one possible candidate and one that, unfortunately, did not come to true fruition and one that has the misfortune of residing within Earth-1610, otherwise known as the “Marvel Ultimate” universe. Don’t get me wrong, in its beginning run, I actually liked Marvel Ultimate comics but… well… if anyone ever harbored the thought that Mainstream Marvel (AKA Earth-616) was grim or dark, then they’ve never read anything from Earth-1610. For every good thing that occurred, over a dozen bad things would follow, but I’m not here to gripe about that, let’s get on to the main point of this entry today shall we?

Peter, having enough of putting Mary Jane at risk by remaining close to her, and her constantly being at odds with him over her safety and well-being, breaks up with her and begins an unlikely relationship with one, Katherine “Kitty” Pryde of the X-Men whom has had a long-term crush on the hero. While I shan’t talk about how their relationship ended beyond stating that Peter and Mary Jane are a darn near constant in any universe bar the few without her existence, I shall talk about why I think the two of them could have been something great.

To borrow a term from another popular franchise, Spider-Man… Peter’s one true “heroic fault” is his guilt. His guilt at his uncle’s death spurred him to become a hero and that’s just the tip of the mountain that he has placed upon his shoulders. It’s not that he accepts the blame for anything and everything that has gone wrong, in his life or in others’, but if he should ever discover, with absolutely one hundred percent certainty, that he is at fault for something… Peter will come close to killing himself trying to rectify that mistake (i.e. becoming Spider-Man), no matter how much it hurts him and those close to him.

When Mary Jane got hurt, he took the blame for it and countless other injuries past, present, and possible future. It wasn’t until Kitty provided a valid argument against his thoughts of never dating anyone, never allowing himself to get close to someone, and put them at risk with a simple question.

“But what if… they had, I don’t know, mutant powers and could take care of themselves?”

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 7.55.10 PM

Obvious hint is obvious but it is a valid point nonetheless. It’s what made Chat a good partner for Peter, in and out of costume, in Marvel Adventures and it made an even greater one in Ultimate. Chat’s powers was the ability to communicate with animals save for insects and mutated creatures and she had a small background in fighting, street fighting that is, but Kitty?

Aside from training with the X-Men in the freaking Danger Room, which we have seen in countless iterations as being a literal death trap even at its safest of settings, her powers make her untouchable. She can even phase through the freaking wind if she’s feeling a might bit chilly for pity’s sake! Sure, there are plenty of heroines who are stronger and/or more powerful than Kitty in an actual fight but really, what does power mean when she has the absolute defense? Goodness knows Peter’s mind would be at ease knowing that little on his Earth could actually harm his girlfriend and the fact that she can kick some serious butt is a major plus in anyone’s book.

No, seriously, during a stint that involved Deadpool and a bunch of cyborg freaks of nature, Spider-Man got a serious blow that any closer could have killed him. Kitty went full on Shadowcat on all of the bad guy’s collective butts and was literally blowing them to smithereens with her phasing abiltiy’s side effect against machinery. Think about that for a moment. Kitty Pryde beat Deadpool. A cyborg evil-as-all-get-out version of him but a version of Deadpool all the same…

Aside from the superheroism aspect of their relationship… The two of them just seem to click a lot more in the sense that the both of them are natural geeks in every pure sense of the word. They joke and banter with one another easily even in the heat of battle and even quip popular lines from films that most kids their age hadn’t even heard of let alone had the time of day to watch.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 7.54.22 PM

Honestly, I sincerely wish for this pairing to come to be in another alternate setting, a “What-If?” would be more than enough in all honesty because… Well really, aside from the two of them being so freaking adorkable together, Kitty’s costume for her brief stint as Shroud was awesome but the one she wore as Spider-Man’s partner was the real deal breaker for me.