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Main Media:
Cartoon Series, Fan Works
Shipping Type:
Dimension: DCAU (DC Animated Universe)
Primary Moments:
Episodes “Kids Stuff” & “This Little Piggy”
Secondary Moments: Scattered Throughout Seasons 2, 3, & 4

Much like with Peter Park and Katherine Pryde, this pairing of Bruce Wayne and Diana of Themyscira, or rather Batman and Wonder Woman, resides in an entirely different dimension that is no way connected to the events of the Mainstream DC Comics. Mostly because DC Comics has a sick fascination in retconning their Mainstream universe within every freaking decade that totally ruins any chances of minor characters getting the—!

… My apologies. If ever there is a sore point with me in comic books, it’s the uncanny knack of them deciding to off minor characters that I like either by killing them outright (Marvel) or wiping them out of existence (DC). Honestly, if they don’t want to write anything more on certain characters then simply don’t write about them rather than offing them! Give them something resembling a happy ending and not one that serves as a severe kick to the heart for their fans, blast it all!

But I digress. I am here to speak of a pairing that occurs in a universe that is, refreshingly, darkly dramatic and brightly innocent at the same time and that universe is known simply as the DC Animated Universe. For those who are unawares, or haven’t read my Batman review, the DCAU is a universe that traverses through nine different cartoon series that altogether ran for fourteen years beginning, and ironically ending, with Batman himself.

Batman and Wonder Woman’s relationship is… distinct… even in this animated equivalent to the comics. In the beginning, the two of them were nothing more than heroes who happened to work together in a team and neither of them would go out of the way for the other in a way that hinted towards romantic interest except for one particular instance. In the episode “Brave and the Bold,” it appeared as though Wonder Woman had been severely injured stopping a missile Batman leapt to her aid trying to unbury her from the rubble before being stopped by the Martian Manhunter. Wonder Woman was of course perfectly fine and, upon seeing the dirtied gloves on Batman’s uniform, did something that no one, not even Batman would have expected.

She kissed him on the cheek.

In that moment, that’s when the shipping truly begin with several more moments scattered throughout the seasons that hinted towards their mutual attraction to each other with the greatest of them being in the aforementioned episodes “Kids Stuff” and “This Little Piggy.” In the episode “Kids Stuff,” Batman and Wonder Woman, alongside Superman and Green Lantern, are turned into eight year old kids by Morgaine Le Fey in order to stop her son Mordred whose recent ploy involves, and I kid you not, ridding the entire world of adults and taking total dominion over a children’s amusement park as his kingdom.

I just… Why would he even think that would…? Ugh, anyway, though Batman is trying his hardest to act like the adult that he really is, he and his fellow Leaguers still cannot help but act as the children that they currently are with Wonder Woman, or Wonder Girl as the case was, being the most obvious with her attempts at flirtation. Of course, by flirtation I mean her attempting to get Batboy to admit that he has feelings for her by way of attempting to make him jealous and/or glad of her company.

Personally, the moment where she saved him from an ice golem created by Mordred, one that he was actually trying to save her from actually, cinched the pairing for me both for the look on Batboy’s face and what she actually said to him after catching him.

Justice.League.Unlimited.S01E03.720p.vk007_Feb 18, 2015, 2.48.31 PM

As to the episode “This Little Piggy” it was one of the few entirely comedic episodes from beginning to end rather than one that had spots of comedy. While not overly serious and not entirely humorous, the main plot of the episode revolved around Batman trying to break a curse placed upon Wonder Woman by Circe, a curse that had turned her into a literal pig. A little pig that could still use her bracelets to surprising effect but a little pig nonetheless…

It was in this episode that Batman not only admitted that there was something between him and Diana, to a former girlfriend of his no less, but that he showed just how much he was willing to go for her. For Circe demanded something of him that, once given, could never be returned and would likely shatter his very soul should it ever be made knowledgeable to the public…

She had him sing.

There was also another interesting moment in the beginning of the episode that really painted Batman’s opinion of a relationship with Wonder Woman that was, in a way, similar to Peter’s opinion on dating with Kitty. Batman said, in order, that dating within the team would likely lead to disaster, that Diana was of an entirely different class than he, her being from an immortal race of warriors and he a rich boy with a LOT of issues, and that if his enemies knew of someone close to him, they wouldn’t stop until they got to him through her.

Wonder Woman thankfully dissuaded him of the last opinion by way of crushing a stone gargoyle’s head with minimal effort but the first two points that he made a good ones. The first one, regarding in the team dynamics, refers to the fact that Green Lantern and Hawkgirl’s relationship took something of a… bumpy turn shall we say during and after the events of “Starcrossed.” Batman has seen for himself what resulted in their breakup and does not want the same to happen to him and Wonder Woman, which in itself is a point in his favor if not for one tiny little fact.

In the future, the one that is canonically set in stone, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl not only end up together again, but have a son who is an active member of the Justice League himself.

As to the second point of their respected origins and personalities… Honestly, that is where the crux of all Batman’s relationships, past, present, and future. He is… damaged… Not in a way that makes him incapable of being Batman but in a way that prevents him from being truly human. He can be kind, he can care, he can smile, and he can love but not in a way that lets others see it once the cowl is on and, unfortunately, even as Bruce Wayne the mask still stays on.

In the official DCAU canon, the epilogue of Batman and Wonder Woman’s relationship is left entirely blank. While it is certain that he and her never married, as certain events led to the creation of a “Batman Beyond” Project by one Amanda Walker, there is no hint as to what actually became of Wonder Woman in the future. It is definite that she is alive and likely still the same age as she is in the present but what became of her and Batman is left up to the imagination. Personally, I, and quite a few others, believe that the “Beyond” portion of the Amanda Walker’s project included a little something more than just the DNA of Bruce Wayne because, after all, a new era means a whole new level of threats that even a mortal man cannot overcome without some godly blood running in their veins…