At long last, we come to my personal top ten favorite villains. This list wasn’t an easy one to make whence compared to the likes of those previous, especially those of my favorite heroes. I had a heck of a time trying to refrain from putting in villains that I hate versus those that I love to hate. That is to say, villains that are far too good at their job and dang if it doesn’t take the good guys forever to deal with them.

As before with my top ten heroes, I will focus on the villain’s origin, their strengths/weaknesses, their chief enemy/rival, and their greatest crime(s) above all others in whatever media they feature in. Should such a circumstance also arrive, I will also go over their minions and/or chief cronies, but only those whom are evil themselves and not doing evil out of fear of what the villain might do to them if they don’t.

Now, unfortunately, some of the villains, like the heroes, exist in multiple aspects in the sense that depending on the series, be it comic books, video games, or televised series, the villain’s evil is rather… fluid to put it mildly. The name may sometimes be the same but the personalities and histories are vastly different. For those characters, I will explicitly state which media I’m drawing my personal opinions on them from but other than that, it’s an unfair game.

Fair game. Fair game. Dang, just getting started and I’m already thinking like a bad guy…