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Height: 140 Meters
160 Meters
600 Tons
Featured In:
Gamera 2: Advent of Legion

There have been many daikaiju –giant monsters— throughout Japan’s long history of film be they simple one-shot villains from a televised series or those who are fortunate enough to star on the silver screen. While I have not seen every film, I have seen virtually all of the Godzilla and Gamera films to date bar one or two exceptionally rare examples from both series. While it is true that Godzilla has featured many a vicious and otherwise otherworldly foe hell bent on destruction, most of those monsters are those either controlled or purposefully created as a weapon.

In the case of Gamera and his adversaries, most of his foes are monsters that are purposefully geared towards the destruction of mankind itself, the Gyaos being the most prominent example of this. However, there was one foe in particular that Gamera faced that unlike any other foe he, or even Godzilla, had faced before was not bent towards destruction of Earth and its people. Instead, this monster’s sole purpose was the continuing spread of its species throughout the entire galaxy.

Given the name of Legion by a lone soldier who noted how tightly the swarm of drones worked together to combat against Gamera despite being all of three meters tall to his eighty, the Legion are one of the most unique alien life-forms I’ve ever seen in fiction bar none. Possessing a body structure made up of silicon, the Legion’s bodies are virtually hollow and possess no muscular structure and actually move their bodies via a unique form of gaseous pressure systems. They communicate with each other through electromagnetic waves and are drawn to large cities because of this as they see electromagnetic devices, such as radios or cellphones, as an enemy hive seeking to interfere with their communications and will stop at nothing to destroy it even if it means their deaths in the process.

What make the Legion especially dangerous however are their digestive processes of eating/creating silicon that, in turn, creates massive amounts of oxygen in the air. The Legion does this because they share a symbiotic relationship with a species of plant that has the most destructive form of reproduction bar none. Though given no official name in the film, I’ve come to call these plants as Supernova because they spread their one solitary seedpod, which in turn carries a limited number of actual seedlings and an egg of a Queen Legion, into space via self-destructing.

The resulting fireball, which had been shown only once in the film via Gamera’s failure to stop the explosion but prevent the seed itself from escaping the atmosphere by blocking its path with his own body, leveled the city of Sendai, a city that according to Wikipedia has an area of about 304.28 square miles. This would mean that the resulting explosion would have to have at least 112 megatons of force.

Gamera 2 - Attack of Legion (1996) (SRT)_Mar 23, 2015, 11.17.30 AM

The Legion themselves breed incredibly quickly thanks to its solitary Queen who gives birth to over a hundred of them a day via a massive ovary chamber on her abdomen. While the smaller drones can be dealt with by small weapons fire, as one was easily dispatched via a handgun to its softer joints and thus making it lose its internal gases and die, the Queen has far more durable armor and a range of abilities that border on the obscene.

To start with, the Queen posses a nasal horn that whence combined with the smaller legs around its upper torso can create an electromagnetic field capable of withstanding Gamera’s fireballs. Fireballs that, being made of plasma, have a temperature range of around 3.6 million degrees Fahrenheit.

Just so you all know, that’s hotter than the surface of the freaking sun.

The Queen Legion’s nasal horn can also be used to create a burst of focused microwaves capable of puncturing through Gamera’s shell and give a resulting explosion capable of wiping out an entire battalion line of tanks with but a few blasts. This usage also results in the nasal horn being extremely hot, easily burning Gamera’s hands when he managed to tear the thing off the Queen Legion’s face.

Unfortunately, this made the Queen Legion not only furious, but far stronger as a result. Without the limitations of the nasal horn, the Queen Legion is able to utilize a small series of tendrils that can be superheated to such extreme temperatures that they rival that of Gamera’s own fiery breath, easily piercing and slicing through anything in their path.

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There is no argument that while the Legion drones are dumb as bricks, easily being fooled into attacking an electrical facility rather than obeying their Queen’s orders to combat Gamera, the Queen herself is extremely intelligent. With the failure of the first Supernova seed’s launch and her drones inability to destroy the interloper Gamera, the Queen personally stopped Gamera from interfering with the second one but failed to realize his own “never say die” attitude when he sacrificed himself to prevent the seed’s launch into space but not the resulting explosion. Taking matters into her own claws, the Queen personally led the charge to the next site for the seedling’s plantation, intending to guard and protect it herself until its time to launch was at hand.

Gamera 2 - Attack of Legion (1996) (SRT)_Mar 23, 2015, 11.20.50 AM

In the end, it took Gamera absorbing the mana fields, the energies of the Earth itself, to convert his own internal plasma furnace into a freaking cannon that completely obliterated the Queen Legion. Of course, whether or not Gamera would have done this prior to the breaking/loss of his connection to humanity remains unclear as the resulting loss of mana in the atmosphere of the Earth would soon result in a massive outbreak of the Gyaos across the entire planet…

There have been many alien life forms in fiction that have invaded Earth for insidious and outright villainous purposes but none to the degree of the Legion. These creatures are not seeking domination or even the destruction of other species but the continual spread of their own across the vastness of space, regardless of the destruction and death that their spread leaves on entire worlds.