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Name Meaning:
Fierce/Untamable King
Creation of:
Doctor Henry Wu
Film Premiere:
Jurassic Park (1993)

I’m going to be honest here, I was mere millimeters between picking Blue of the Velociraptor pack in Jurassic World and the hybrid monstrosity known simply as the Indominus Rex. In point of fact, I was about halfway through with my review on Blue when I realized too late that the majority of what I had written was all major spoilers to several of the best moments in the film. So rather than ruin it for any of my readers, I’ll instead focus on the Indominus Rex.

Now, while there will be some spoilers here they won’t be even a fraction as bad as those that I had written for Blue as they’ll pertain strictly to the Indominus and her abilities, nothing else. Take this as your last warning readers.

“More teeth.” These two simple words are repeated throughout Jurassic World and are, quite literally, the first words to describe what would eventually become the Indominus Rex to one Henry Wu by way of a memo from the park’s owner and CEO of the Masrani Corporation, Simon Masrani. Having likely reached the limit of dinosaurs that could be recreated by the methods found and utilized by Hammond and his company InGen, Masrani commissioned the creation of a new species of dinosaur, bigger, stronger, and far more ferocious than even the titular king of dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. What he could not have known though was the major opportunity that Masrani had unwittingly presented to Doctor Henry Wu.

For you see, the Indominus Rex wasn’t strictly created to be an attraction at the park. She was created to be the first of a line of possible living killing machines, bred specifically for militarized purposes. As I’ve said, that plot from the first draft had to survive somehow and while I can’t realistically imagine how such an idea could even be considered let alone executed… it bore a frightening result in the Indominus Rex.

Whether by her own unique genetic make-up or because of how she had been raised, the Indominus is, for lack of a better word, insane. This is made obvious in several instances throughout the movie with the first and most telling being that she not only killed her sibling but also ate it too. Now, I’m no biologist but given that this event had been insinuated to have occurred when the two were still infants that’s… that’s pretty damning considering parts of the Indominus comes the pack hunting velociraptors and the young-raising Tyrannosaurus Rex…

Speaking of her genetic make-up, the Indominus has been confirmed to have not only Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor DNA but also the genes of a cuttlefish, some species of tree frog, and, though unstated but still quite likely, some snake DNA as well. This DNA hodgepodge was done purposefully to better enhance the Indominus as a bio-weapon with the cuttlefish DNA allowing it to camouflage its skin into the trees and the frog DNA allowing it to lower its body temperature down so that it doesn’t appear on thermal cameras. Of course, the former requires an adequate amount of cover such as a canopy of trees and the latter requires the Indominus to be all but still as a rock but she is nothing if not patient.

She did, after all, lay out her escape by fooling the humans into believing that she had climbed out of her containment and tricked them into opening the door of her paddock just enough for her to force her way through before going on a murderous rampage throughout Jurassic World. That’s not an exaggeration either, Owen Grady, the trainer/alpha of the Velociraptors at Jurassic World, outright states that she’s killing for sport and not for food. In a way, she is learning about herself and her limitations by doing this and demonstrating her own innate intelligence that is frighteningly close to actual sapience.

One example of this was her laying a trap by way of ripping out her tracking beacon which, admittedly, she likely didn’t know what that was but considering that it likely started shocking her the moment she got close to another paddock, she likely figured that out its purpose rather quickly.

Another, more subtle example though was when she was being chased by the helicopter that was firing actual ammunition at her and she broke into the pterosaur aviary. Within seconds, she realized just what she had stumbled upon and purposefully drove a few pterosaurs through the opening she had made and up into the air towards the helicopter, causing it to come crashing down into the aviary.

One scene in particular though really stuck out to me with how frighteningly intelligent the Indominus Rex is. When Zach and his younger brother Gray jumped off a waterfall and into the river below, she purposefully waited for them to resurface. It was only through a random burst of insight by Zach that she assumed them drowned and continued on her way but that she even bothered at all, that she was actually willing to continue the chase over the falls herself…

She’s a monster, well and truly.