My apologies to my readers for the lack of updates last week, family and personal matters came first for the last several days but now, I’m back! Seeing as I’ve now finished my top ten favorite films and characters, I will now be doing my top ten favorite Godzilla films with Fridays being the day that I review the film in question while the following Monday will be about whichever kaiju (giant monster) that is featured in that film.

As Godzilla films have a certain formula to them, I will be focusing on three aspects in particular towards them. The first being the human side of the film and whether or not the human characters affect the overall outcome of the kaiju side of the story. As to the kaiju side of the plot, I’ll be focusing  on the threat the kaiju towards humans as a species versus the entirety of the world and whether such a monster could be put down or contained in our own modern world. The last part of the films that I’ll be reviewing will be on the film as a whole and whether or not it is one that can be enjoyed time and time again for its sheer awesomeness or utter silliness.