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Keizer Ghidorah
120 Meters (393.7 Feet) (X) 140 Meters (459 Feet) (KG)
60,000 Tons (X) 100,000 (KG)
Premiered in:
Godzilla: Final Wars (2004)

To me, the creature known simply as Monster X is the closest thing that could ever come to being a truly frightening kaiju to see. True, there are some that are far more terrifying in power and ability but Monster X looks too much like an undead monstrosity to my liking. His origins, at this point in time, are all pure speculation on the part of Godzilla fans, as Monster X appears, quite literally, at the call of the Collector by way of an asteroid large enough to garner a full-out nuclear blast from Godzilla.

Going on appearance alone and the Xiliens’ own admittance to the creation, or alteration, of Earth’s kaiju, one can rightfully assume that Monster X is a creation unique to the Xiliens to a rather disturbing degree. Now, what this is purely my own thoughts and opinions speaking here but given the severe lack of intelligence and finesse presented by Gigan whence compared to the likes of Monster X…

I believe that much like the cyborg, Monster X was an entirely different being before the Xiliens got ahold of him. In point of fact, I dare to assume that Monster X may very well have been a sentient being, perhaps even a Xilien, at one point.

I say this because Monster X is by far the most humanistic kaiju I’ve ever seen in a film both in his combative abilities and his reactions to his opponents. Monster X legitimately fights in a style of combat that I could swear as being similar to martial arts and demonstrates this capability frequently in his fight with Godzilla.

Even without the aid of Gigan, what little of it there was to be found in the cyborg, Monster X all but dominated the fight against Godzilla. He was able to withstand direct blasts of Godzilla’s nuclear breath, an attack that had obliterated several other kaiju in a single hit, and with only one blast of his own gravity beams brought the King of Monsters down to his knees.

Of course, Monster X’s true power and potential lies in his ultimate form known officially as Monster X II but otherwise commonly known as Keizer Ghidorah. The transformation is nothing short of disturbing to watch and the end result is just as bad. There is a clear difference between the true terror of space King Ghidorah and this usurper that would call itself Emperor in the German language. Misspelled of course but my point still stands.

Keizer Ghidorah, much like its previous form of Monster X, resembles an undead incarnation of King Ghidorah but one that lacks the bipedal state of the Golden Monarch. Instead, this blackened gold abomination stands as a quadruped and though it does tower over Godzilla, there’s a distinctive lack of… presence to it. King Ghidorah is an alien dragon and one cannot help but make that distinction by seeing him but with Keizer Ghidorah, it just looks like three-headed corpse of an Apatosaurus with wings stitched to it for cosmetic purposes.

Keizer Ghidorah possesses the same abilities as King Ghidorah with its gravity beams but has the additional power of an energy-sucking bite to its jaws. Admittedly, this nearly put Godzilla down for good until the Gotengo II was able to revitalize Godzilla to such a degree that he possessed more energy than Keizer Ghidorah could devour and escaped from its hold via a nuclear pulse.

What followed as the same decidedly one-sided fight that most of Godzilla’s previous battles had been and while it was successfully impressive to see him toss something like Keizer Ghidorah into the air before blasting it into space via a Spiral Heat Ray… It was far too quickly done.

Whether in his terrifyingly distinctive form of Monster X or the blasé form of Keizer Ghidorah, if such a kaiju were ever to come to Earth, by our own methods or those of another, we as a species would be in serious trouble. For while Keizer Ghidorah did not demonstrate this to the same potential, there can be no argument that Monster X is highly intelligent creature and there is nothing worse in this world or any other than a monster that can not only plan but think as well.