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85 Meters (278.9 Feet) (Rose) 120 Meters (393.7 Feet) (Final)
100,000 Tons (Rose) 200,000 (Final)
Premiered in:
Godzilla vs Biollante (1989)

Easily one of the most distinctive monsters in the entirety of the franchise, Biollante is a particular favorite of mine from the series as a whole and is one of the shining examples of how great the Heisei series was in story and in special effects. Speaking in the film perspective for a moment, much like how Jet Jaguar was conceived by a child winning a contest with Toho, so too was the film Godzilla vs Biollante but by a far more unlikelier source; a dentist. For those who have seen Biollante’s final form, or those of you who have skipped down to the bottom of this entry, it’s not that far of a stretch in hindsight but no less surprising overall.

As to the actual Biollante suit, and yes there was a suit and not one ginormous puppet, there was a total of twenty people involved in utilizing the thirty-two piano wires used to control and move Biollante and her excess of vines, both plain and fang-bearing. I’m uncertain if that made Biollante the most complicated of kaiju to create and use, but I’m sure she places at the top with sheer number of wires. However, there’s far more to Biollante than what makes her a marvelous sight to behold on the silver screen.

There is a common misconception to Biollante that many are oft to forget or simply exclude. Biollante is NOT a hybrid but in fact a tribrid, a chimera composed of not two but three different species. A rose, Godzilla, and a human, the last element, donated by Erika Shiragami, was almost nonexistent but for one major detail. Somehow, inexplicably, the rosebush retained enough of Erika’s human DNA that her soul was retained within the plant and when her father added Godzilla’s DNA to the mix the end result was a fate far worse than death for the daughter whom he had hoped to save.

Doctor Shiragami gave his daughter life once more and took a step further by granting her the same near limitless regenerative qualities of Godzilla, making her all but immortal but forever damning her to exist as an unholy monstrosity of plant and animal, a literal abomination of science. For though there is no question that Erika’s soul resides within the heart of Biollante, it is debatable whether or not she possesses any manner of control over her monstrous form.

When Biollante first appears in her rose form, she appears as nothing more than a ginormous, if not slightly disturbing, plant. I say this for in this form and that of her final form there is a central organ of flesh and blood located at the breast of the beast. It has yet to be confirmed as to what the organ actually is but it is generally agreed amongst fans that it is either Biollante’s heart or her brain as in her rose form it took a more sac-like appearance whereas her final form it bore the same creases and lines of a human brain.

Though immobile in her rose form, Biollante has a versatile means of attack and defense in the form of vines. These appendages are not only sharp enough to pierce even Godzilla’s hide, but quite a few of them are topped with a pair of fanged jaws. However, in either form, Biollante is still succeptible to the most common weakness of plants: fire.

Particularly, the radioactive fire of Godzilla not strictly due to its flammable properties but rather the sheer amount of radiation found in it as it has an adverse effect in Biollante’s cell division. In other words, much like the atom bomb mutated an ordinary, if not extremely large, dinosaur into Godzilla, so too does the Monster King’s breath do the same to Biollante.

In her final form, Biollante possesses a crocodilian like head with a mouth filled to the absolute brim with ginormous teeth. Seriously, she has no tongue to speak of and both the upper and lower jaws are covered with fangs. Not that her mouth is the real dangerous aspect to Biollante’s final form.

What makes her particularly dangerous now versus her earlier rose form is the acidic sap that was previously sprayed only by her mouth-bearing vines can now be spewed in a great geyser of acidic radioactive sap. Though not strong enough to burn through Godzilla’s hide down to the bone, it was strong enough to temporarily deprive him of his eyesight before his regeneration kicked in.

Despite her incredible size, Biollante can move extremely fast both on the ground and, surprisingly, through the air as she possesses the ability to transform herself into a living cloud of pollen and fly wherever she wishes to go on Earth or even into the depths of space.

If such a monster as Biollante was ever to exist in our world… oh boy, we’d be so unbelievably screwed it’s not even funny. For though Biollante technically lost to Godzilla in their first encounter and only succeeded in beating him through him being infected by the ANEB, Biollante succeeded where most other kaiju have failed.

She survived facing Godzilla and could have easily killed him when he succumbed to the ANEB’s effects but whether by inherent instincts recognizing Godzilla as her “brother/father” or by the remnants of Erika’s humanity, Biollante stayed her vines and left the world behind.

True, Biollante is weak to fire but as Godzilla has proven multiple times before, the phrase “what does kill you only make you stronger” is all but the dictionary definition to Biollante herself. She survived a direct blast of Godzilla’s nuclear breath twice with the first all but turning her to ashes only to return bigger and stronger than before. The second? She had the back of her head blown open and it was regrown in the blink of an eye.

A creature both plant and animal whilst possessing some tiny aspect of humanity buried deep within its monstrous heart… I don’t know about you gentlemen and ladies, but such a creature, such a monstrosity of nature, is one that I hope to never see made real.