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120 Meters (393.7 Feet)
80,000 Tons (Standard Form) 720,000 Tons (Flight)
Premiered in:
Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla (1994)

Much like his premiere film, SpaceGodzilla has a lot of mixed opinions going for him though, from what I’ve seen and read thus far, it centers on only one aspect in particular. That being that SpaceGodzilla is one of the most unoriginal names in the franchise, which is something that I can’t wholly argue against. True, he is, essentially, a Godzilla born from the depths of space but trust me folks, there were far worse choices in mind. Those being the ever popular “AstroGodzilla” or “CrystalGodzilla.”

Aside from his name, SpaceGodzilla is one of the most popular amongst the villains in the franchise, coming a close second behind King Ghidorah in most instances. There are quite a few reasons for this but let us begin with the origin of the character SpaceGodzilla before I get into the actual in-film origin.

During the 16-bit era of video games there was a Godzilla game for the Super Nintendo that, like most games for the system, was called Super Godzilla. However, unlike most games where this was strictly a naming convention to tie it closer to its game system, there was an actual “Super Godzilla” featured in the game. This was actually a powered up form that Godzilla could take near the game’s climax if certain circumstances were met and it was this design in particular that was modified into SpaceGodzilla.

As to his in film origins there’s something of a headache involved there. See, a few years earlier there was a small terrorist group from the far future that had traveled back in time to help rid Japan of Godzilla, claiming that the monster king would eventually cause the countries destruction. To do this, they went back to the time before the dinosaur that would become Godzilla was mutated by atomic bomb testing and moved him to a different location whilst secretly leaving a few of their own creatures behind.

In truth, these “Futurians” had a beef with Japan as it had become a major world power and so sought to bring it to its knees with a monster of their own only for Godzilla to reappear bigger and far stronger as a result of their machinations. I bring this up because it is never outright stated in this film whether or not Godzilla simply hadn’t existed in the years between the change, thus nullifying the effects that occurred, or if Godzilla still existed but had been altered as a result of changing history.

Either way, there are two popular theories as to how SpaceGodzilla came to be. The first being, and connecting to whether or not she existed at all in a changed timeline, is from Biollante’s cells that may have escaped into the atmosphere. The second possibility is G-Cells being carried into space by Mothra who, following a confrontation with Godzilla and her darker twin Battra, had gone off to stop an asteroid that would eventually wipe out all life on Earth yet again.

Here’s where things get a bit more confusingly squeaky. Whether it was Biollante’s cells or pure G-Cells, the samples of Godzilla’s DNA would mutate into a crystalline life form as it travelled through a black hole and emerged as SpaceGodzilla upon exiting a white hole. The other theory is that the DNA ended up coming into contact with, and heavily mutating, an alien life form and thus creating SpaceGodzilla.

Personally, I’m somewhat leaning towards the latter theory only because of how frightfully intelligent SpaceGodzilla is. He is a kaiju that can not only think, but he can actually conceive something of a plan and one that I swear is comparable to the likes of most major super villains of the era. When he first fought Godzilla, SpaceGodzilla had the Monster King on the ropes, overpowering him with ease but rather than killing his predecessor the monstrous clone chose another method of attack only one other monster has done since.

He attacked Godzilla’s son, placing little Junior in a crystalline prison that put the toddler into suspended animation so long as SpaceGodzilla remained alive. No other monster had ever struck at Godzilla on such an emotional level before and it was a startling thing to witness as SpaceGodzilla flew off to make his fortress in the heart of Fukuoka and using its massive tower to enhance his energy absorption from the strange, alien crystals that grow and thrive at his very presence.

Out of all the monsters Godzilla has ever faced, SpaceGodzilla is easily the one that possesses the widest range of powers and abilities. SpaceGodzilla’s chief ability is to grow and control crystalline structures that are durable enough to pierce through most manmade structures and unstable enough to explode upon with enough force applied to them. These crystals also have the additional benefit of enhancing and strengthening SpaceGodzilla’s powers but he can only absorb so much energies at once through the twin crystals upon his shoulders and so must use a conduit, like Fukuoka Tower, to absorb more energy at once.

SpaceGodzilla’s breath weapon is known simply as a corona beam and though it appears and moves much like lightning it is in fact made up of the same type of plasma that surrounds our sun and other stars. A few direct hits of this attack were enough to knock Godzilla down before either his regenerative powers grew accustomed to the energy or his rage/hatred for SpaceGodzilla refused to allow him to fall a second time.

As mentioned above, SpaceGodzilla can assume a “flight form” of sorts by way of encasing most of his body in crystal and levitating said crystals to achieve flight. Despite most of his body remaining outside the crystals, SpaceGodzilla can survive in the vacuum of space and has proven to be an even deadlier force as the lack of gravity only makes him faster.

However, SpaceGodzilla can still achieve something resembling flight on Earth by way of telekinesis, lifting himself up into the air for short distances. He’s not fast while doing this and has shown to be unable to lift himself incredibly high without resorting to his flight form, but he gains a distinctive moving advantage over most of his land bound foes. He can also telekinetically lift semi-conscious foes and toss them about like ragdolls. His greatest use of telekinesis though is when he utilizing his grown crystals as missiles that either fly straight through the air like spears or rocket themselves up into the atmosphere before dropping them down like arrows.

One of SpaceGodzilla’s truly unique abilities however is one that has not yet been displayed by any other monster in the Godzilla franchise that wasn’t some form of machine. SpaceGodzilla can create a momentary crystalline shield that is strong enough to not only withstand Godzilla’s atomic breath but the refractions of the shield can even bounce it right back at him. Thankfully like most shields, SpaceGodzilla’s is not without its own weaknesses.

His shield only covers his front so attacks from the side or behind can still hit and he can only construct the shield for attacks that he sees coming. More than once Godzilla utilized the ploy of falling to SpaceGodzilla’s power only to blast him as he went down to catch the clone by surprise. SpaceGodzilla also seems incapable of maintaining the shield for any length of time exceeding a few seconds.

SpaceGodzilla’s greatest weakness is the crystals located upon his shoulders tough it takes a large amount of power and/or force to destroy them. Should they be damaged, SpaceGodzilla is incapable of utilizing his shield, telekinesis, and his energy absorption drops by massive magnitudes. If they should be destroyed outright, SpaceGodzilla’s body explodes into flames.

However… there is no guarantee that SpaceGodzilla has been slain. In his premiere film, SpaceGodzilla’s body was destroyed by Godzilla super-powered Spiral Heat Ray and following this, a large cloud of something resembling spores departed out into space with what sounded a lot like SpaceGodzilla’s roar, albeit weakened. Given that SpaceGodzilla possesses the DNA of Godzilla, it’s quite possible that he possesses the same regenerative prowess as the monster king and even Biollante.

Without question SpaceGodzilla is one of the deadliest of Godzilla’s foes, standing second only to one other monster in my own opinion. Aside from his wide range of powers and abilities, it has been stated numerous times in various media, from film to video games, that SpaceGodzilla possesses human-level intelligence. He can think and he can plan, which puts him leaps and bounds ahead of most monsters. If not for his arrogance, SpaceGodzilla could have killed Godzilla but chose not to do so because he wanted to defeat him with power at its highest, to make the King of Monsters kneel down to him.

Say what you will of a monster with intelligence matching that of a human, there is nothing worse than one that possesses an overwhelming level of arrogance and cruelty.