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The Millennian People
Height: 60 Meters (196.85 Feet)
40,000 Tons
Premiered in:
Godzilla 2000: Millennium (1999)

Out of the entirety of kaiju in the Godzilla franchise, Orga is easily the most unique of the bunch in that it is not truly a single entity and a creature whose origin has only been fully explored in media outside the film such as the manga adaptation and, more recently, the Godzilla game for the PS4. Orga’s origin story starts a long, long time ago during the tail end of the Cretaceous Period on Earth where another far more alien world was on the cusp of complete annihilation.

Quickly devising a means of escaping their dying world the aliens, henceforth known by their official title of Millennian, departed in a specialized spacecraft that was controlled by their race’s unique form of telepathy. Unfortunately, as they flew through space towards Earth, the only world that was at least remotely hospitable for them, the Millennian failed to realize a fatal flaw in their spacecraft’s design.

Their craft could survive the vacuum of space and even sixty-five million years at the bottom of the Earth’s oceans but it had no means of blocking out the abundance of radiation found in the vastness of space and the individual members of the Millennian degenerated into a… well, primordial soup as it were. If anyone is familiar with the plotline of Neon Genesis Evangelion, I think you might already be aware of the few parallels here and for those of you who aren’t familiar with the anime/manga, allow me to sum it up thusly:

A giant liquid mass that contains the collective consciousness of an entire alien species that are both their individual selves and a hive mind at the same time.

Awakening in our modern world, the Millennian sought a means of regaining their lost form and saw such a way in the form of Godzilla or, more specifically, the Regenerator G-1 in his cells. Collecting a vast quantity of the stuff, the Millennian regained their true form once more, if not a ginormous version of themselves before mutating into the monstrosity known as Orga.

Orga is still the Millennian people though it maintains a truly monstrous visage. When confronted by Godzilla, Orga actually tried to surrender to the Monster King who was having none of and proceeded on to the attack. As Orga, the Millennian are incredibly strong and surprisingly agile, able to leap distances that not even Baragon could do on his best day. Orga also demonstrated that it too still possessed the same level of telepathic and telekinetic prowess of the Millennian as it could still control the destroyed spacecraft, using it as a distraction and shield when necessary.

What was even more surprising though was that the craft’s weapon, a beam of concussive plasma energy, was actually a part of the Millennian’s own natural abilities that remained in Orga, who can launch this attack via its left shoulder.

The creature’s most terrifying power however is its stolen regenerative prowess. Unlike Godzilla who can heal quickly for a creature his size and survive most attacks, Orga was able to regenerate within moments of being dealt excessive amounts of damage. It survived not one but three direct hits from Godzilla’s atomic breath, with the last hitting dead center and all but burnt Orga to charcoal and it still managed to regenerate the damage and even purposefully mutate itself to turn most of its upper torso into a single massive gullet to try and swallow Godzilla down.

For you see dear readers, during the fight between them, Orga realized that even a solitary bite on Godzilla’s arm was enough for it to absorb the kaiju’s DNA and so it sought to devour all of Godzilla and become a full clone of the original. Now here’s where things get interesting, though appearing to be hypnotized by a strange tune that Orga was emitting from its gullet, Godzilla was still level-headed enough to purposefully dive head first into the space mutation’s mouth.

Assured in its victory, Orga began to gulp down Godzilla in earnest, swiftly beginning to mutate and gaining many of the Monster King’s signature traits before it took notice of Godzilla’s dorsal spines lighting up. An intense glow that continued on into the rest of the Monster King’s body and nearly set the very air itself aflame. Orga’s eyes widened with realization before Godzilla promptly unleashed an atomic blast strong enough to vaporize Orga’s entire upper half. The remaining half soon crumbled to dust at Godzilla’s victorious roar.

Much like how the Heisei version of Godzilla had done to Biollante, the Millennium Godzilla utilized the strategy of aiming for the innards whence facing a foe of similar healing properties. The difference though lied in the fact that Biollante was primarily a plant and thus did not possess the same internal organs as an actual living creature whereas Orga, being born from a psionic species of alien, did.

If such a creature like Orga were to exist… There are so many ways that we, as a species, would be wiped out. Much like SpaceGodzilla, Orga is not a mindless animal or a creature of instinct. It is composed of the surviving members of an alien race fused into one body with a collective consciousness behind it. Whether or not that consciousness can work as a hive mind or is something akin to such beings like the Geth of Mass Effect, with the multitude together creating a coherent sentient being, it doesn’t matter. Contrary to SpaceGodzilla, Orga is composed sentient beings with far more advanced technologies and lifespans compared to our own. If it had the chance to retreat it likely would have beaten Godzilla via an actually thought-out plan versus one made on the fly.

That’s not even taking into account the massive quantities of Regenerator G-1 coursing through Orga’s veins. The monstrosity was able to survive direct blasts of Godzilla’s nuclear breath, an attack with upwards of 328 trillion pounds of force per square inch. That Orga died at all to Godzilla’s last attack could be attributed to the attack having been launched inside the creature’s mouth, vaporizing the head and likely the source of its regeneration but it could also mean that the attack combined with the previous ones had maxed out its consumption of Regenerator G-1.

Either way you look at it, we would have to somehow launch nuclear bomb after nuclear bomb at the creature and pray to whatever deity is listening that at least one of those bombs manages to make its way into the monster’s throat to have even a glimmer of hope in killing it.